Sunday, September 4, 2011

At Last

We  finally got a small break from the heat!!

Just a small one
 I can see a change in our season.

The sunlight is casting a soft golden glow
  the  crystal clear, blue, September sky.....

Our hazy night sky cleared for just a moment
I caught a glimpse of the moon.

In the wee hours of last night I was awakened by the sound of the wind.

It sounded like it was spinning, dipping low to the ground
then running high up into the tree tops
to dance to
the tune the wind chime was playing.

When I stepped outside to hear the wind's song
there was a soft mist falling.

Oh Be Still My Heart!!

I could not resist spinning round and round in the misty, windy night
with sheer Joy!

It is odd how the extreme heat has made me feel restless this last month
how last night filled me with such pure Joy!

In that moment I could feel the return
 the rhythm of my life.

the golden glow of beeswax candles on the kitchen table

a quick peep at the moon before it hid behind a cloud
dancing with the wind on a misty night
to the music of violins...

I am so glad it is a little cooler
I am not ready to say goodbye to summer.


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  1. I agree, while autumn is my favorite season, I hate to see summer go. It's been lovely, despite the hurricane.

  2. I feel the same way.. as I am excited for my favorite time of year I am sad to say farewell to those lazy summer days.

  3. We've had some beautiful views of the moon this week, too! It's getting quite a big cooler here in the mountains...we will be headed to Florida soon! I like to hang on to summer as long as I can! Enjoy your day! Wish you were close by to go to Zumba class with me! You would love it! ♥

  4. I know you love summer so hopefully it's not over for you yet. It certainly isn't here, but there was a coolness to the air today and it was beautiful. As usual your writing is poetic as are your photos!

  5. Sweet summertime ... I must say I'm so ready for fall, though. My favorite season.

  6. Summertime is my favorite time .....Hopefully here the cool mornings is just for a few days as I am not ready for fall !!!

  7. it's cooler here too and feels like fall. Sad to see summer go but looking forward to a great year.

  8. Lovely to meet you and stop by for a visit Dotty. Oh such a writer you are, loved it!!

  9. I have to admit I am enjoying having the windows up and A/C off! But oh I love summer.

    I love the sound of windchimes!!! Several nights I had to get up in the middle of the night, take my stepstool outside and lay them on the porch....our wind was abit strong for a