Friday, September 9, 2011


I can feel fall in the air
 I have determined to linger for as long as I can in summer.

At this moment
I am planting my fall garden with greens and more greens.
We southerners love our greens!

wanting to make the Kale chips like I saw at the farmers' market

amazed at how lovely the color is of the morning glories that took 101 days to bloom

watching the tiny but surprisingly competitive hummingbirds at the feeder

thinking about how just right sweet oranges and hot chocolate taste early in the morning

excited about going to the Round Rock Antique Festival

finding the box of vintage holiday decorations I put away two years ago

relaxing in the bubbly spa lazily looking up into the lovely dark sky at my old friends the moon and stars

picnicing at the beach even thought the wind and the waves are already cold

sometimes not doing much of anything but content to live in this moment
at this time in my life

cold wind and waves
lovely purple petals
lost and found
hello old friend

At this moment I am content to linger in the daylight
following it into nightfall when at that magic time the stars come out
the moon is near.


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  1. I love your box full of Halloween goodies! It's much cooler here and we will enjoy it for a few more days! Have a wonderful weekend! Hasn't the moon looked amazing the past few nights! ♥

  2. Such a lovely have the most wonderful out look on life. You see beauty and joy in everything; this is a real gift.

    Love your vintage Halloweeen decorations, so cute!

  3. Dear Dottie,

    Such a lovely moon shot! Isn't it wonderful that things have cooled down at bit? It's lovely spending more outdoors, just soaking it in.

    I hope you find some real treasures at the antique show.



  4. What a pleasure to read your post!

  5. Hi Dottie.....looks like the weather has finally turned a corner for you. Here comes FALL....Yipeeee!!!!



  6. Dottie, Thank you for all your sweet comments about my dad...I look forward to them. I try and try to leave you comments and they just never will go through...going to give it one more try. I sat on my front porch the other night and saw the moon and thought of you doing the same....xoxoxo

  7. Oh Sweet Friend
    i love morning glories
    i think 101 days was
    worth the wait...
    the moon was full
    this morning as i drove
    to work @ 6:00 a.m.
    it followed me all the
    way from home to the office
    such a good friend
    have a lovely week ~

  8. Nice series my favorite is the first one and lingering...

  9. Thanks for sharing these things. it opens up a wonderful world to me down here in South Australia.
    What are kale chips? Mave

  10. Lovely piece of writing. Particularly like your second photo - such a vivid purple. Over here in Australia, we're 15 days into spring. For me other Spring and Autumn are such lovely seasons to walk in to.

  11. love those purple flowers.....they look like velvet.....have a great day

  12. I too am trying so soak in the last days of summer !!! I have morning glories also and I love the center its aways bright ~~it amazes me GOD is awesome !!!

  13. I'm new to your blog but just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my visit. I think we have a lot in common. Your photos are beautiful. I just did a post on my morning glories that took forever to bloom. I thought it had to do with my gardening skills, but now I'm thinking maybe that is normal for them. I'll have to count how many days it takes next year.

  14. Hi Dottie, You are my kind of women. I love lingering. Whether over a book, a cup of tea, or as in my post today, watching kites fly on the beach. Love those purple flowers. Our water here is still warm as is the air. Fall? What Fall? I visit blogs to find Fall and head to the beach and linger. Blessings,

  15. Learning to 'live in the moment' is a great gift!
    As usual Dottie, you have blessed us with your beautiful words and the picture they paint so well!