Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Smiling In Spite Of The Heat

Summer.....should be turning into fall
that's not happening this year!!

The sun is still high in the blue Texas sky
yesterday it was a fierce 107 degrees in my garden!

Even at midnight it has been in the high 90's
our night skies have been too hazy to stargaze.

Gardening and stargazing
my two favorite pleasures.

It is too hot to enjoy either of them at this moment
I really do love summer even when it is so hot!

 I am so thankful God filled our world with so many
simple pleasures
some are so perfect to enjoy on these hot, hot, late summer days!


getting lost is a good book
a sushi picnic at the beach
 ocean breezes



I am linking to Wednesday Outdoors. 


  1. It has been sooooo hot. Crazy hot. Love your photos and the things that light your life. Keep on enjoying it... we are nearing the end (I think). blessings ~ Tanna

  2. smiling in spite of the heat is a great attitude. I've noticed its a wee bit cooler here in the carolinas ..tomorrow in the high 80s. That's good. I love your "pari" of shoes--definitely a "fashion statement!"

  3. You know Dottie in spite of how hot it has been, I still hate to see summer end. I love it so very much.

  4. Oh that is hot Dottie!
    Sending cool end-of-summer breezes your way!
    Love your gentle and grateful ways!
    Blessings my friend!!

    Deborah xoxo

  5. I wish I lived closer to you....I would dearly love to have some of your fresh okra. Do you ever make it with tomatoes, bell pepper and onion? Stewed I guess you call it? I have a hard time pushing the bowl away from me, I think I could eat it all! Well, I know I could...and then be sick. I love okra. I saw a neat recipe in southern living this month. Put it on two skewers and grill it....looked very interesting. Like a k-bob.

  6. It feels like fall in this side of the country! My son and his family live in Texas. We're always praying for rain there. They live in ranch country. By the way, those violet macarons look gorgeous. I've always wanted to try macarons, and have yet to do so. Do you make them?

  7. Hi Dottie.....I know this heat is terrible......hopefully you are not being hammered by these storms

    Fall IS around the corner.



  8. Dear Dottie,

    We're having extra hot temperatures here in Missouri, too! Thank goodness for mornings and evenings (and air conditioning and cool drinks). Summer is such a lovely time, in spite of the heat and bugs. Fall is definitely in the air, and will be here before we know it!



  9. I bet that cool ocean water feels great in the sweltering heat. Our ocean water up here is ice cold compared to yours. Lovely photos!!

  10. It is hard to get into autumn mode when it's so hot and the trees are still flush with green.
    The mornings and evenings here in baltimore have been nice ~ the afternoons however, HOT.
    Have a great Labor day weekend

  11. Nice collage! On saturday here it was 97 today the high was 62. I'm not ready for fall

  12. With the extreme heat we have had this year, you have to find anyway possible to stay comfortable. I like some your ideas.