Friday, October 20, 2017

Nighttime Wishes

We have been enjoying
 days and nights
perfect weather!!

Even though fall is lovely
is hard for me to enjoy
I know it is the first step towards winter
I really dislike being cold!!!

When my girls were small I read them a book about
a squirrel named Miss Suzy.
She lived all winter
her cozy and wonderful house at the tip top 
an old oak tree!

My girls and I longed to live with her!

From Miss Suzy I learned to make my home cozy and wonderful 
filled with winter

In this season
early twilights and long dark nights
with candlelit rooms full of shadows and soft music
very shabby chic sofa
to call to me.

Snuggled deep into the pillows in the quietness around me
I start thinking

I wish
 to see a falling star tonight
that my garden would be filled with fireflies

to dance in the moonlight
for my hollyhocks to bloom

to camp on the beach
that my Thanksgiving Turkey would be perfectly cooked
 my sweet potato pies would taste just like my grandmother's
that snow would softly fall on Christmas Eve.

Will my wishes come true?
some of them will.

Miss Suzy

Isn't it funny some of the things we think about
wish for when it's cozy and warm and we are half asleep.




  1. Dear Dottie ~ So good to see this post from you. You crossed my mind recently and I wondered how you are doing. I do hope to see more from you, so many have stopped blogging and it is always sad to realize they are no longer part of this 'family'.

    Fall is a wonderful time of year. Even though I don't experience much in the way of changing seasons, I am filled with something wonderful when October rolls around.

    Happy Autumn ~ Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  2. where the heck have you been dottie!! lol. I missed you sweet friend.
    I love this post, btw. : )
    Happy Fall my friend.

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