Friday, August 26, 2011

August Daze

I think I have been a little restless
because it has been so Hot and so dry.

Normally I would be planting my fall garden
this year because of the extreme weather we are having
I don't think anything could grow in my garden .

It has been 100 degrees every day with no rain this month
I am not even sure when to try to plant!!!

So I have been

going to the very warm farmer's market in search of chocolate macarons

wondering if you can ever eat enough fried okra and purple hull peas

cooking and more cooking. Why in the August heat? Who knows?

thinking I am so happy I planted zinnias

living in basil heaven. It must love the hot weather

listening to the enchanting sound of fairy bells when the wind moves
my new wind chime

falling so in love with the sun, sand, waves, cool breezes and the freedom
of the ocean

painting the inside of my television cabinet

spending time with my sweet friend

I could eat this every day
fresh peach cream pie
 lunch with my sweet friend at Cafe Rabelais
chalkboard love

I know it has been a long and very hot summer
when my friend and I left the beautiful cafe after lunch
I looked down as we were crossing the street
and said,
 " Cheryl look down!"

We both laughed so much we forgot all about how hot it was
we will never forget this August Daze !!!

Proverbs 15:15
" He that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast "



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  1. I have done this before. At least you had them on the right foot. Once I had two different crocks on and they were also on the wrong foot. i didn't tell any body though. Thanks for sharing. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  2. Oh, Dottie! I have done, that too. Along with shaving only one leg. Usually, I'm in a funk about something. This heat is starting to take its toll... even on we summer lovers! blessings ~ tanna

  3. Dear Dottie,

    I love your fashion statement! At least the shoes were both black, right? The salad looks delicious, and I just went out and cut some of our zinnias to bring in the house. They're such sturdy soldiers!



  4. definitely have some cute sandals and pretty nail polish! Sounds like a fun time with a friend! I'm wishing you a happy weekend, as well! Wish you were close by to sit and read old children's books with me! We would both enjoy that! ♥

  5. I just love your pictures especially that yummy looking food....but the best....wearing those different sandals..Too funny!

  6. Very cute...this is what happens when you have lots of black sandels, which I do. Guess I will have to be more careful A very joyful post, thank you.

  7. Hi Dottie, You have such an elegant blogspot! I love all your photographs. Isn't life great when we can go out with two different shoes on and share a laugh with friends! I love the Scripture you quoted. All God's Best. Kerrie

  8. Great photos Dottie! It all looks so yummy!
    And the sandals ... what a hoot!

  9. good morning sweet friend
    IRENE has just breezed thru
    here early in the morning
    my roses can attest to that.
    i love zinnias...why do i not plant them?
    the salad looks wonderful, but
    that pie reminds me of a new recipe
    i copied and want to make today....
    such classy sandals...they really
    go nicely with your pedi :D
    stay cool...thank you for always
    coming by and leaving sweet comments
    BEAR HUGS...

  10. hahaha.. that is funny!! Looks like it was a lovely lunch date ~
    Hope that you have a great (cool) new week.

  11. What fun hihi. I love your photo's, loos at all the bottls in the reaturant and what;s on the plate looks so good.e. LOvely post

  12. Rofl. I've done that...wore two different shoes. We must be related...tee hee.
    Joyce M

  13. Love your outlook on life. It is so good to be able to laugh at yourself, especially to share that laughter with a good friend. Your lunch looked delicious. When I was working, I would dress in semi darkness so as not to wake my hubby who retired before I did. I would dress, jump in the car, put my CD of Praise in and with a/c and windows up, sing my heart out to HIM to start my day. This one day I stopped at 7-11 for a sandwich for lunch, as I forgot my own in the fridge at home. The young girl, looked at me, smiled and said, "like your look" and I think she was serious. Which gave me pause. I looked down and there I was with my cotton tee inside out! The guy in back of me was laughing so hard, I could not help but laugh too. I even went into work like that just to see how long it took my coworkers to say something. We all started our morning off with a good laugh and some fun. I like your style, you are my kind of person. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Your pictures makes me want to go to the little cafe. You are so right its good to have a laugh just as Proverbs tells us ...thanks for sharing such a great post

  15. Oh my gosh, Dottie! I laughed out loud at the sandals! Reminds me of the Sunday morning my sweet daughter did the same thing.