Friday, May 13, 2011

Better Than Good

It is that time of year again.

 I watch over and love three little grandbabies every day
while their Mommy teaches school.

We are busy all day long reading books, learning to count,
playing patty cakes and tap dancing.
 we really do tap dance!

I must admit around this time of the year after they go home to enjoy Mommy and DaDa
I have been just
following the rest of the evening wherever it leads me
resting in between.

It has been leading me to here

Light dinners enjoyed on the patio most often at twilight.

Isn't twilight beautiful?

Watering my garden after nightfall quietly listening to the magical night sounds
I pray for rain.

 Long, warm and bubbly soaks in the bath
I  hear my very worn Shabby Chic sofa calling out to me.
As I settle down in the pillows in a room filled with the soft glow
of candlelight
with a glass of wine and listen to my old friend Eric Clapton sing to me
I know
 this year, this week and right this moment has been better than good.

a light dinner
 raindrops answered prayers

soft light

Sometime we have to
be still
to truly understand what is really good in our life.
I hope your week was better than good too.

I am linking to Thursday's Simple Pleasures.


  1. Oh Dottie,
    this is better than good :)
    Love the sweet things you love,
    and that soft life in your home looks so inviting...xo

    Deborah xoxoxxoxo

  2. oh precious friend
    you have made us aware
    of so many good things
    out there to be enjoyed
    soft sweet quiet things
    things we don't need
    to buy an admission ticket for
    we are having raindrops today
    i know my garden is breathing
    a sigh of relief...
    enjoy the day...and the twilight

  3. Lovely post Dottie, I used to take care of my grandchildren when my daughter was still teaching and it was the most wonderful I totally understand how you feel.

  4. everything about this post is gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful post. So true and thought provoking. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Thanks for visiting me and your kind words.
    Hugs for your heart and soul. Ginger

  6. You fill your days with so much loveliness, Dottie!
    Beautiful always.

  7. Your dinner looks perfect...I can taste all of the wonderful flavors....yum!

  8. Your photos are just amazing on this post, Dottie! Thank you for all your sweet comments on my dad...xoxoxo...S.

  9. I love the twilight time of the day and your description sounds like the perfect evening - better than good!

  10. love this Dottie and that plate of fruit is so real....I can just pick the berries from it. ☺

  11. Reading that just soothed my soul. How lovely to have a nighttime relaxation, time for yourself, quiet time to think and enjoy. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for visiting my Redo 101 apron blog post. Maybe you'll share your mama's aprons with us some day. Hugs, Mary

  12. What a great plasure ...sounds like you have fun filled days and awwww the stillness is great

  13. Beautiful simple pleasures post!!

  14. Dottie, this post moved me. The words. The pictures. So beautiful.

  15. Oh Dottie...beautiful words. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Mrs. M.

  16. I agree with you, twilight is beautiful. Lovely simple pleasures here.