Friday, May 20, 2011

What Are You Liking Right Now?

It is almost summer!!!
Yea! Yea!
I have always liked summer, in fact I love summer
for now the grandbabies and I
waiting for the water in their pool to feel warm enough to swim
wondering what their new baby brother
will look like
anxiously awaiting the lazy days of summer.

It is amazing just how many
I have been liking right now
I am actually more that liking them.

tomatoes from the garden sliced and lightly salted

pink blooming flowers waving and smiling at me in the breeze

waking up early to the sound of my lovely Colette's cooing

Cuban food... black beans and plantains could become additive

The Young Victoria DVD is so very lovely......
I think I will watch it over and over again

usually cool and dark nights

iced tea ..sweet and minty

basil and more basil...I can never get enough favorite vegetable
I planted seven plants.....

Looking out of my bedroom window at my garden

Right now this quote speaks to my heart.

"Pleasure is spread through the earth in stray gifts to be claimed by whoever shall find."

William Wordsworth

Tonight I have been wondering what you are liking
right now?


I am linking to Thursday's Simple Pleasures.


  1. Good morning Dottie - sending a sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm! I'm loving the fact that I can leave the house without a jacket. I love the scent of lilacs and seeing new flowers in bloom every day [they are almost gone though :(]. I love eating meals outside on our porch and feeling that warm sun on my face. Ciao, bella xxoo

  2. What a wonderful post. You are slowing down to take note of all the beauty around you, and things to be thankful for. I love the WW quote. Your tomatoes are beautiful, BTW.

  3. Lovely post. Right now I am enjoying some sewing and gardening activities. The flowers in the garden, especially the roses are wonderful this year. What beautiful tomatoes...I just planted mine.(-:

  4. Love to hear your joys and your summer love!
    I love summer too.
    Weekend blessings dear friend xo

    Deborah xoxo

  5. What beautiful imagery you write of, I want to come sit in your backyard with some mint tea too! ;o)

    I am so glad to hear you are enjoying so many things right now. I am enjoying being married to a wonderful man who always knows just how to make me smile, even through my tears. I also am enjoying the Spring weather we have been experiencing up here in the NW, it has certainly been nice to soak up a little sunshine. :)

    Blessings to you as you soak up your rays of happiness, and thank you for sharing your happy outlook!

    ~Just a Girl :)

  6. you have tomato beauties...
    we've just planted ours
    this was the first weekend
    that we've had SUNSHINE
    rained for 10 straight days!
    and my PEONIES waited until
    the rain stopped and then
    usually they're open and the
    rain pounds them to the ground
    this year i am enjoying them
    love this quote by WW
    time to sit on the porch
    with my first cup & watch the
    enjoy your week sweet friend

  7. I LOVE that quote, Dottie. And, looks as though you have been gathering lots of those gifts! Your tomatoes and basil look so good! Love them! blessings ~ tanna

  8. Hi Dottie.....right now....I'm liking coming to visit YOU!.....I so wish there was a way to meet all you beautiful ladies in person. It would be wonderful to meet and share salads of tomato and basil and just catch up visiting in person.



  9. I so need one of those beautiful tomatoes!! None on mine so far....

  10. Marvelous!!!! Great captures....

  11. Dottie, what beautiful pictures and those tomatoes look so yummy !! I too love everything about summer ................

  12. You have caught the delight and wonder of summer...bring it on

  13. I would love to taste your tomatoes! I love fresh from the garden tomatoes and cucumber with cayenne pepper. I also wish I had your green fingers.

  14. I'm so ready for fresh tomatoes! Great photos. Great prose. Have a lovely weekend.

  15. Hi Dottie,
    Lovely post,lovely pics.I'm liking home made soups and slow cooker meals at the moment --- It's coming into Winter here and scarves and gloves are the order of the day..
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia