Sunday, April 10, 2011


I awoke to the sound of the wind rushing through the pine tree
and then dipping low to the ground as if to play in the garden this morning.

As I opened my bedroom window to watch the morning wake up
I heard the cooing of doves already at the bird feeder.
It was so beautiful and peaceful.
I thanked the Lord for the day He had made.

Yesterday I baked a lemon meringue pie .
A piece was left over
I had it for breakfast and thought today would make a wonderful lazy day.

Yesterday was a busy day filled with house chores and gardening.
Full of busyness and rushing around.
I have to admit that I really do like an orderly home and I love to garden
sometimes resting is a good thing .

So is letting someone else cook for you.

We went to Cafe Piquet a Cuban restaurant for dinner.
I had never eaten Cuban food before.
Have you?
I ordered Cuban Creole Shrimp and it was a wonderful surprise
Oh my ! I think
I have fallen in love with black beans forever.
I asked the waiter what was in the sauce on the shrimp.
He told me there were only three ingredients olive oil, garlic and lime.
I would never have guessed the lime. I really liked all the flavors and the Cuban atmosphere.
I think they will be seeing me there often !!!

I was right; it has been a beautiful and peaceful day.
I pray your day was, too.



  1. hello sweet friend
    i'm glad you had a restful weekend.
    the doves come to my feeder daily
    last count we had 8 pair.
    they are so peaceful.
    isn't trying new foods wonderful?
    i was home alone saturday evening
    and wanted to try some mexican food
    from a little mom & pop storefront
    no chain...just an elderly mexican
    couple making what they know...
    i was in heaven with some authentic
    tacos, rice and beans :D
    it's nice to go out of your comfort
    zone and try something new.
    have a great week sweet friend :D

  2. I try to take Sunday off...I don't do anything I don't want to...we just need some time for ourselves. The cuban food looks yum and the fav....looks even yummier!!

  3. What a lovely day. Your pie looks delicious! Now you are all rested to start a busy week, have fun!

  4. Sounds like a perfect reprieve after a day of chores! Now, I want to try some Cuban shrimp! blessings ~ tanna

  5. The food looks wonderful. That is one of my favorite ways to have shrimp.
    The lemon pie is another way of getting your Vitamin C at breakfast, why not.
    One day I am going to get a telescope, but first I need a house where I can see the sky better. We go over to an observatory at a science center, but their schedule is not always convenient. But to be in your own yard and see such wonderous sites must be grand.

  6. Hi there Dottie....I LOVE Cuban beans and rice...are addicting!!

    and that pie, oh my, it looks yummy. Thanks for sharing your peaceful day with us.



  7. I'll have a sliver of that pie~ It looks delish!
    Another friday's favorite for sure :-)

  8. What an enjoyable read from the very beginning to end and all because you described it so well. Lemon meringue pie for breakfast sounds wonderful!