Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Beauty Of An Ordinary Week

My week has been simply so good.

I have just followed the ebb and flow of the days and nights wherever they took me.
 Savoring life slowly.

I live a quiet and simple life
I love to be at home!

I have enjoyed this ordinary week, a beautiful gift.

I have been literally watching my vegetable garden grow.
Every morning it suprises me.

The Swiss Chard is beautiful and huge.
Have you ever eaten it ?
I really like it steamed and lightly salted.
My tomato plants have set small fruit
how many salads can one person eat!!!
I wish you lived closer so I could share some butterleaf lettuce with you.

Our nights have been cool and moonless.
The stars seem to sparkle like diamonds in the dark heavens.
At this moment the great nebula in Orion's belt
and the rings and moons of Saturn
are just perfect to view through the telescope.
Right now stargrazing is at its best.

How long has it been since you went outside late at night and enjoyed the heavens ?

That is where you will find me tonight
standing in the glow of the chiminea
sipping a glass of wine with my telescope pointed toward the heavens.

I am so thankful I chose to live simply long ago
for the pleasure it has given me.


 make it your ambition to lead a quiet life:
Thessalonians 4:11 NIV


I am linking to Thursday's Simple Pleasures.


  1. Totally agree with you Dottie...I sometimes struggle with it though..I am seriously thinking of not having a TV again...we did without it for 14 years but it somehow snuck back in. And maybe the computer except for a couple of days a week...I just long for quiet...

  2. I agree whole heartedly!
    I think that's why I have been so grumpy much to do (all out of my control right now) when all I want to do is live a quiet, simple life.
    Oh well...tomorrows another day ;)
    Your evening our looked lovely...glad you are enjoying your garden. MAYBE this year it will warm up enough for us to get one int he ground. Last year, farmers were pulling out crops because the stretch of warm weather never came... tomatoes were flavorless, melons wouldnt ripen up...and the Farmer's Almanac is calling for the same type of summer this year.
    I think I am going to somehow make a greenhouse....

  3. This an inspiring post, Dottie! I love all of your photos and the pictures you paint with your words! Wish I could have joined you by the chiminea for a glass of wine and star gazing. blessings ~ tanna

  4. Hi Dottie, what an inspirational and touching post! Living simply is simply a decision that has to be made - no one can do it for us. I think it brings so much inner peace along with it. Choosing what we fill our days with is key - you seem to have it all figured out!! Congratulations! Ciao, bella!

  5. Such a lovely post, Dottie. It really is the simple things in life that count. I have always told my kids that most of life isn't lived on a vacation or doing anything grandiose, that most of life is lived in the relative routine of ordinary days. So they better learn to find joy in ordinary days.

    Have a wonderful day,

  6. How simply wonderful!! I was taken into your story, and now I too want to share the simple life of the night. We don't sit out at night, but now I'm going to use your post as a reason to see the stars! Beautiful Dottie.
    Your photos.....amazing!!!

  7. your post is so inspiring
    great pictures...i certainly wish
    i was your neighbor
    sharing a glass of wine and many wonderful
    treasures in the night sky
    and unlike movie theaters, the
    price of a good show never goes up

    enjoy your simple life my friend :D

  8. are so special!
    Your garden looks so good!
    And sitting under the stars sounds so wonderful...leading a simple quiet life...beautiful

    Deborah xoxo

  9. Oh dear Dottie....I simply love coming here. I wish I lived closer too, I would take all the lettuce you could share.

    Sweet dreams sweet lady,


  10. Amen Dottie.
    Your posts are so calming! I wish I could sit with you and a glass of wine.
    Your tomatoes already have fruit...that is amazing.

  11. Dear Dottie,

    Thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog; I'm so glad to meet you and your beautiful place! My mouth is watering looking at your swiss chard; we just put some in and it barely popped up. :)



  12. I love Swiss chard...nothing else better from the garden! Beautiful images...and lovely post! Southern HUGS! ♥

  13. Dottie,
    Nothing like the simple life...I really enjoy being at home also and with the price of gas these days I'm finding more reasons to stay home. Love your garden - we won't be planting until around Mother's Day.


  14. Loved it! My daughter totalled the kids card so they have been using mine. That means I am at home all day and I love it. It is so peaceful knowing I cannot go anywhere and I feel like keeping it that way!

  15. Oh Dottie, I'd love to own a good telescope!
    I watch the sky at odd hours too.
    I crept out of bed in the dark of 4:30am recently to stand in my yard moongazing, and though my photos failed, I saw a huge explosion of light and felt awed to witness the Lord's doings in the dark and quiet sky.
    Lovely post as always, my friend.

  16. Dottie - looking at the night sky is one of my favorite things to do. I recall the first time I saw Saturn through a telescope - it was breathtaking.

    Living simply is a true blessing.

  17. Yes, Dottie, this should be everyone's ambition. To allow the flow and rhythm of the day to take over.

    Mrs. M.

  18. great post Dottie. I love all your simple pleasures, and as I read it I can feel the "calmness" overtake me. Thank you!

    Love this post.
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. We should all strive for the beauty of a quiet and simple life. Lovely post!

  20. Wow, Dottie. Sounds wonderful. I, too, wish I could have some of that delicious lettuce. The stars look incredibly beautiful. Your wisdom is profound. Susan

  21. beautiful Dottie...and I got to say again...your way of writing makes your life inviting....I want to reach out an touch the world the way you experience it. Awesome

  22. You've wowed me again, Dottie. Simply love how you weave it all together into such a warm and inviting package. That's a gift. Thanks for sharing it with the Simple Pleasures crowd.

  23. Hi Dottie,
    Your poetry is beautiful'
    The pictures you describe, breathtaking,
    And your veges sound scrumptious,
    And the photos in your post are terrific.
    What a lovely,lovely week for you.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia