Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hidden Treasures

After a long and tiring week I always
look for the beauty at the end of each day.

Hidden treasures that I somehow overlooked.
Sometimes I have to look very hard and they are very small
they are always there just waiting to be found.

I stand at my kitchen sink it seems like at least a hundred times a day
I can see the pool in the backyard through the window.

I think about drifting across the water on my float and watching the clouds go sailing by.
I wonder if floating is good exercise because I am going to do a lot of it.
Today the water is so cold
it will soon be warm!

Yesterday I said hello to flip flops, pretty nail polish and Capri jeans.
I work in the garden too much without gloves to wear fingernail polish
I love polish on my toenails . Right now they are polished the color of the ocean.

The garden is just perfect.
It is a vegetarian and salad lover's dream!!!

The days have been warm and sunny
the nights cool and oh so dark.
Almost dreamy!

Baby Gia learned to walk.
Oh, be still my heart.

I celebrated dewberry season by making a cobbler.
I can not tell you how many buckets of berries I picked as a child
how many jars of jam I helped my mama make.
I wish I could share it with her tonight.

Every time I look down at my feet
I can hear little Petra telling me,"I love your blue toes Nana!'

I looked up into the very blue sky
the moon was looking down at me.
I have not seen it in the daytime for a long time.
I used to tell my children when they were very small it was
The Children's Moon
because it came to say hello to them before their bedtime.

Dax and I have been counting the stars at night
and wishing upon them.
I have counted many but he tells me he has counted more than I have
as many as ten thousand
has made at least a hundred wishes.
Oh to be a child again!!

 I wonder if the stars sing
when I look up at them my heart sings.

Job 38:7 NIV
while the morning stars sang together
all the angels shouted for joy

I am very tired tonight but I am smiling!


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  1. I'm going for my first pedicure of the year this have just convinced me to try blue polish for the first time! Be worries..

  2. What a lovely post...I must remember this and try harder to search for the good things during the day, it is easy sometimes to forget how really lucky we are. Love your blue toes...and the baby is adorable.

  3. Love the nail polish, love the babies, love the moon, love the pond and love
    Dottie. This is a beautiful post. We should always be thankful for all the little things. Have a great holiday week. Ginger

  4. I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog, and thank you for your sweet comment! ;)

    I really like your blog as well, you have such an eye for beauty, and your pictures are great!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    ~Just a Girl

  5. Yea, for baby Gia!! Life is good! blessings ~ tanna

  6. I love how you are counting your blessings... and they are so beautiful too.
    Is that the little one who started to walk? What a sweetheart!
    Love your coastal nail pretty Dottie!
    You must be so happy to play in the garden :)
    It was so good to visit with you this morning dear xo
    Deborah xoxo

  7. oh if i had a chance to pick neighbors
    i'd pick you...
    you make me want to get out and garden more
    and i love the blue toenail polish...
    the moon and stars...lovely
    be still my heart, the baby is precious
    thank you for this post sweet friend

  8. What a wonderful way to live your life...always seeing the positive and the good! Your toenails are CUTE CUTE CUTE! I may need to find some of this polish! I keep my red most of the time...and ALWAYS polished! I have not seen the movie you mentioned on my post today but I will look for it! ♥

  9. What a beautiful post ~ I can see why you are smiling!

    Pretty toes! :) Maybe I will try blue toenails this summer!

  10. I am sitting here in the silence after tv is off and hubby's asleep reading your peaceful blog on my phone . I like viewing them on phone for the pictures are so vibrant on small screen. Maybe I'll do this every evening! Have a good evening ....nanny

  11. Oh, that is so sweet. Home sweet home for sure. I love this. Baby's first steps and cobbler. Love it! Have a lovely Easter! Thanks for linking up!

  12. love your toenails in the water photo! Have a great Easter friend.

  13. I loved having you visit me so I can find your charming and glorious retreat of a blog. Thank you for your sweet words. I feel so at peace here. It is nice to meet another blogger and sister in the Lord from the great state of TEXAS. We just moved here from Cali. God Bless you as you enjoy beauty all around you, which you certainly had me dreaming in this lovely post. I added you to my blogroll, as I will be back. Enjoy your Joyful Resurrection (Easter) Sunday weekend also. Love, Nene

  14. What a beautiful post-
    I needed this this evening.
    Thank you-

    Have a blessed Easter weekend.

    White Spray Paint

  15. a very beautiful post.
    I am visiting your blog for the first time and am now following. I hope that you will visit my blog and follow too.
    Thank you and blessings,

  16. Oh how fun...the color of the sky!


  17. Dottie,
    I love your blue toe polish! Your pictures are so relaxing too - I feel I could just jump into that beautiful pool. I've also made a decision to eat more vegetables this season! Hope I stick to it.


  18. Lovely photos, lovely words, lovely you!
    Dottie you always have a way of making life sound so...good!
    A wonderful gift my friend :-)
    bless you..Trish

  19. Great simple pleasure...put into wonderful words, and I can just enter into the joy of it also...welcome spring!

  20. Great pleasures....and your cobbler looks divine.

  21. wonderful pictures .....I need a pedicure so bad ...I must do that soon ... the pool looks like a great place to relaz .thanks for sharing

  22. That makes two of us ... smiling. Such a wonderful post, Dottie. Always glad to see you.

  23. I too love the night skies. And yes, the cobbler looks delicious.

  24. I'm really tired too but reading your post....makes me feel peaceful.

  25. Hi Dottie, I love your post too......and I think blue toe nails with jeans and sandals would look great. The baby is georgeous.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia