Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ahhhh Spring Break...

I have so enjoyed spring break this week.
The grandbabies are home with their mommy who is a teacher.
The weather has been
sometimes a little damp and grey
 but that's so good for my newly planted garden.
At times a little windy but I like the wind,
because I was born in March. On a night when the wind howled until sunrise .
The rest of this week has been gloriously sunny with the bluest of skies.

The first two days I rested on the pink pillows of the sofa reclining like a tired queen on her throne reading, daydreaming and listening to the songbirds in the backyard.
There have been many more lovely moments.
I spent hours at Borders bookstore sipping espresso and I think I looked at every cookbook in the store.
Have you ever eaten a fish taco at Berryhill Grill?
I finally did and you should!
They were so good!
I stopped along the road to take a picture of the bluebonnets on the way to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the Impressionist Masterpieces
as I entered the freeway I saw a tiny green lizard on the hood of my van.
When I parked he jumped off the hood and found a new home!
I hid images of the paintings in my mind and if I think about them I can see them.
They were breathtaking!
I have been thinking about reading the book King Arthur for Boys to Dax.
As I was looking for it
I found a VCR tape of Camelot my aunt had given me many years ago for Christmas.
When I watched it I remembered how much I like the music
I never could understand what Guenevere saw in Lancelot
Oh be still my heart
she had King Arthur!!!!!

There are only two more days of spring break left and I have been thinking about
maybe a moonlight picnic somewhere enchanted!



  1. Sounds like a lovely day full of lots of things to nourish the soul. Don't you love the Impressionists ~ I never tire of seeing their paintings. My favorite is Manet.

  2. Your spring break sounds fabulous and the moon is exceptional for a picnic!

  3. I know you've enjoyed a nice break! I wish you lived closer... I would love for you to see my bedroom inspired by the Lady of Shallot. You might give me more ideas for decorating it! Enjoy your afternoon! ♥

  4. Enjoyed your post! Thanks for stopping by with such sweet words...blessings to you as you rest!

  5. Hello Dottie,
    I think this is my first visit - seems like you've had a very marvelous break! Sounds perfect to me and a moonlit picnic - serene. So glad I stopped by,

  6. You make me happy with the things that interest you. Not everyone would stop to take a picture of the bluebonnets or even notice them. I am glad you saw "the impressionists."
    On a trip to DC I went to the Nat'l Gallery and saw their collection plus some that were there on loan. I could not tell you how much time I spent walking through that display or how long I sat on benches in front of particular paintings - I was mesmerized.

  7. Dottie you have a heart that seeks out the beautiful.
    Your posts are always a delight to read :-)
    You make us wish were with you for the lovely things you see.
    Late or early.. I wish you a Happy March Birthday!

  8. A beautiful simple pleasure. It was lovely to see things through your eyes.

  9. make life sound so wonderful. Loved reading this....My kids went back to school after spring break and then had to stay home b/c we got walloped with a snowstorm. Love having them around.

  10. Sounds like you have had a nice break ~~what a pleasure
    thanks for sharing

  11. Oh yesterday I posted on our Texas bluebonnets...I can't wait to see more this year...and the Museum of Art, one of my favorite things to do. Camelot...another favorite also...but see it again soon.
    A great simple pleasure and I enjoyed just entering in through your words.

  12. Oh boy do I agree! I mean, Arthur...that voice those eyes...anyway, I remember seeing this movie when I was younger and with subtitles. I had yet to learn how to speak English :)

    Thank you Dottie for sharing such a pleasure it took me back to a nice place.


  13. My brother introduced me to Camelot when I was in high school..(many years ago) I have seen the play 3 times, the movie many times and still love to listen to the soundtrack! My heart still breaks for King Arthur when I watch it!!! I even watched it on my computer recently, thru Netflix....

    I returned the sountrack album to my brother recently and found inside the jacket an article he had cut from the NY Times about President Kennedy and his love for Camelot. It was a touching story of him listening to the music every evening before bed. The title of the article was "For One Brief Shining Moment There Was Camelot"

  14. Sounds like you have had a wonderful week. Texas Bluebonnets are beautiful.

    And happy birthday! I was also born in March.


  15. What a fun post, Dottie. Happy spring break week!

  16. A lovely spring post!

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

  17. Oh Dottie....each time I stop in to say hi....I am always so inspired by such a lovely picture you paint with words. Just a delight.