Saturday, March 26, 2011


Oh ! lovely spring I am so in love with you.

I have waited and sometimes not very patiently for spring to arrive
it has been everything and even more than I remembered.

I have been so delighted by the warm days, the cool nights
the largest moon ever.

I have opened all my windows and thrown back the curtains to enjoy once again the pleasure of
awakening early in the morning to gentle breezes and the sound of songbirds.

The garden is up and it gives me so much joy to have my morning cup of coffee
  outside just looking at it.
Can you tell I have garden love?

I should spring clean today
a little brown bird sang in the tree "come and play with me today."

So I just quickly moved a few things around in
the dining room to make it look more like spring
I made  my way back outside
here on the Texas Gulf Coast
spring can be very short.


Tonight you will find me dancing in the moonlight.



  1. I liked this post alot! Your photos are great. I am always glad to stop by and visit because I have been out of the loop for a long while. Thank you for sharing. Anne

  2. YES! Enjoy every moment of your Spring!! Hope you danced a dance for the rest of us!

  3. How nice to have spring here and it looks like you are enjoying the season to the fullest. I love the picture of you dancing! So cute.

  4. Im so happy spring has come to you Dottie :)
    I know you love your garden so much.
    Dont you love freshening the look of decor for the seasons!
    Love to you Dottie and a happy week ahead my friend..xo

    Deborah xoxo

  5. I'm with on this one...I live in the same place and spring is too short lived here, this time of year The Mister and I are outside a lot.
    You know when summer comes it's hot!
    Love your bedroom photo!

  6. Springtime is glorious here in Florida! We are even having a gentle rain today...much needed! I love your tall bunny...but I'm trying to see that brown bunny in the photo with the lamp! I love your pretty things...and your bed against the windows! ♥

  7. Hi Sweet Sister and Happy Early Birthday. Thought I'd better pop in today and wish you Cheers for a great day and wonderful year ahead or I might be in la la land on Thursday. Beautiful comfy bed you have!

  8. Kinda like Arkansas , nice spring weather to 100 degrees in the blink of an eye!

  9. Oh Dottie. At least you HAVE spring. As we speak, between six and eight inches of snow are forecast. I cannot even think about it. Loved your post! Susan

  10. Yes, we must enjoy it while it lasts. Your post makes me want to dance in the moonlight, too!

  11. Springtime is my favorite time of year also
    enjoyed your simple pleasure thanks for sharing

  12. aaaaahhhh. that's what your post me feel....a sense of breathing deep.

  13. I'm pretty giddy about spring too. Of course, around here it came and then in some sort of cruel joke, the winter came back. Yikes!

  14. I love spring too and you've just reminded me why. Lovely post.

  15. Dottie, I'm in your neck of the woods and isn't it a glorious day today? I've been soaking it in.

  16. p.s. from Susan. Hi Dottie. Thanks for visiting my Simple Pleasure post and come back again! Susan

  17. We just returned from the Georgia coast where the azaleas were in full bloom, and flowers were ablaze in color. Here in the Atlanta area spring is showing up but it has not reached its peak.
    It was rather chilly here today, but I needed the light so I kept my front door opened anyway and put on a sweat shirt. At the nursery I went ahead and bought some flowers to put out (I good not stand waiting any longer). I will keep them in the garage at night and let them sit in the sun during the day until it warms up a bit more. Yes, I think we are all ready for spring. This winter seemed overloaded with cold days.