Friday, March 11, 2011


Today as I listened to Dax and Petra playing I heard them making
the sounds of zoo animals .
Later Petra pushed her doll stroller past me with her dolly
(Baby Tyler with the curly hair)
who she told me was very cranky today .
Dax was a Super Hero one minute and a tiger in the next !

I thought about whether my imagination had gone
had it ..... 
I wonder in my adult life if it is my thoughts .

Is that why God tells us to guard our thoughts
what we are to think about ?

Philippians 4:8 NIV
 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Why, just this morning, I have been thinking about

the sunlight shining in the living room like diamonds
it will soon be time to set the clocks forward
I want to finish a few projects
my garden is growing
I wonder if the Heirloom Black Krim tomatoes will be a dark purple color
I want to go see the the Impressionist Masterpieces at the Museum of Fine Art
what will I cook for dinner tonight
I wonder how birds fly
I wish I could fly
I will be sad when strawberries are out of season
I miss my mama
it will soon be Easter
Baby Gia is almost one year old
I wonder if the walls of Heaven are pink

As I think of these things I imagine each one of them
they all make me happy !



  1. you have imagined a lovely day sweet friend
    wish i lived closer so i could spend it with looks looks yummy =)
    wishing you a glorious weekend

  2. Those wondering thoughts--don't we have them? Love the sunlight on your cabinets. Good post.

  3. You did it!!
    You just said what I was trying to figure out last week!!
    Doggone, wish we could sit and have tea together!

    Thanks for confirming what I just wrote in my 'old' blog :)
    Amazing how God works these things out!

  4. Hi,, beautiful blog
    maybe you enjoy "looking" from the distance at
    would love to welcome you as a visitor

  5. Hey Dottie, thanks for the info on Tongue in Cheek ... I used to read her blog every day, and often check in, but haven't recently. I will do so. My pics were from our trip there four years ago.

    All the best,

  6. It's nice to take the time to 'ponder'! We are enjoying Florida strawberries right now..OH MY! They are wonderful! Enjoy your afternoon! Hugs! ♥

  7. Your pictures are so beautiful...the sunlight on your cabinets doesn't look real, it's gorgeous....
    You have lots on your mind....I think those thoughts too.

  8. I want to sit down to that dinner, Dottie! Looks scrumptious! Our thoughts are very important and you are right about the need to guard them... Beautiful post. Beautiful thoughts.

  9. Dottie, I have been thinking about your post I am cleaning up the yards and patio....mainly...where did I get all this stuff and why? I want everything to be clean and pretty...not cluttering up my thoughts...

  10. Imagination is one of God's loveliest gifts to mankind!
    What a dull world it would be without it.
    Just look at what beautiful things have come from wholesome imaginations!
    Some days, it even helps you see diamonds on your very own walls :-)

  11. I think you will be glad to see Spring!
    Your garden is growing nicely, Dottie.
    And that meal looks so delicious!!
    Thank you for linking up to A Little Bit of Lace today :-)
    It was a blessing to see you, my friend..Trish

  12. Dear Dottie,
    Imagination is a gift and most adults grow out of it and only see it in children.
    I think it is a wonderful reflection to be sharing.
    I have enjoyed visitng

  13. Hi Dottie'
    Life would be dull without imagination.
    I love it when I get an idea for the house or craft and when I've followed through it turns out exactly how I imagined it would look.
    The sunlight through your windows is amazing,it makes me think God is smiling at you.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  14. Imagination....what a true gift! I believe that as long as we allow it to take root, it will never leave us.


  15. I know I've said it before, Dottie, but I do love how you string words together. Very nice.

  16. Dottie...I love the way you think...will the walls of heaven be that and the way you think about your kids....and the world around you...your gentle spirit touches something in me....thank you for being you. ☺

  17. Imagining is a WONDERFUL thing! I am imagining the sight of spring flowers and not the snow outside. *grin* I loved reading your simple pleasure this week. It was sweet what you said your kids were imagining, such sweetness.


  18. Good word and wonderful pictures. Yes our thoughts really do dictate our day, I need to bring mine under His submission.

  19. Some beautiful thoughts there! I love that scripture quotation.

  20. How lovely. You put words together in such a meaningful way. I often wonder what happened to the child that I was...sometimes I get to see glimpses of her but not as often as I would like. You have imagined such a great day!