Monday, February 14, 2011

I Just Knew

In the wee hours of early dawn
I awoke to the sound of songbirds .
 I took my cup of coffee outside to watch the day wake up
I just knew it was going to be the very best
kind of day .


If I could I would fill your day with loveliness .

Happy Valentine's Day !



  1. Oh, but you DID fill my evening with loveliness!!
    It looks like you had a blessed Valentines Day, my friend :)

  2. What darling children and such a festive must have had a lot of fun!

  3. You DID fill our day with loveliness! Oh, I see Mrs. Bee said the same thing... but, it is so true! The warm weather is such a treat, isn't it?

  4. Hello from Frog Hollow Farm. You did fill my day with loveliness with your wonderfully peaceful posting. So wonderfully elegant! Ciao, bella!

  5. To repeat everyone above, You did indeed fill my heart with lovliness. Thank you for sharing your adorable family. How Blessed you are. Hugs, Mollye

  6. Oh Dottie, what precious babies!!! You did have a lovely day......

  7. Every time I open a post from you Dottie I know it is going to be filled with definitely qualify for Valentine Year! The little's are the cutest ...the one pic of the dark hair girl...oh my!

  8. Oh how sweet! You are such a lovely person! Such wonderful Valentine memories they will have...

  9. You fill it with lovliness just by being "you" Dottie.
    Sweet children and lots of those hearts!!

    Deborah xoxo

  10. Just look at all the valentine Day's goings on!When was the last time I saw a valentine card box? When my grown kids were in elementary school. The kids look like they are really in to this - what fun. You create such nice happenings for them.
    I was outside most of today. In the morning I was muclching leaves, and picking up fallen limbs and twigs, and trimming a little - love working in my yard. Then I cleaned up and met a friend for lunch where they have a patio. We were the only ones outside; I guess it was a little cool but we both had on long sleeves and the sun felt so good on my back warming me up nicely. I think that is one of the better feelings in life.

  11. Oh dear Dottie....aren't grandkids the BEST!!!!!