Thursday, February 10, 2011

Smiley Things

The view of my frozen garden is so hard for me to look at
I have found many things to smile about inside .

I can't help but smile at a silly red elf sitting on my kitchen windowsill
as I pour my first cup of coffee every morning before the sun wakes up .

Yesterday, was an especially smiley day!
I was delighted by a charming story Dax and Petra made up
just for me about
a red, wiggly, slimy worm and a tickling spider with black and white
legs that live in dirt world .
You don't want to go there ever ! Not ever !

Last night I could not help but smile at myself
oddly enough being someone who is so selective about what I watch on television
I really have enjoyed watching American Idol
  this year with Steven Tyler of all people as a judge !

Who would have guessed that ?

I hope you have found some smiley things to keep your heart
  warm on these cold winter days, too .

I am linking to Thursday's Simple Pleasures .


  1. That's too cute!
    Have a happy week-end, friend! Stay warm.

  2. A nice way to start your day.Just staying warm and having something warm to drink will keep me happy.
    Surely before long the weather will permit your going outside and working in your garden.
    I am always interested to see what survied the winter and what shoots are starting to emerge.

  3. This sweet post is a "smiley thing" dear lady.



  4. Love the red against the blue and white plate - that would make me smile every day!
    And children's stories :-)
    bless you Dottie..Trish

  5. I love children's stories too. I agree with you about Steven Tyler. He's really making the show alot more fun.

  6. This little guy is awfully cute. It pays to keep your sense of fun!

  7. Thanks for the reminder that certainly if we look around we can find something to smile about. What a gift of joy!

  8. That little guy would be wonderful to see over a cup of coffee every morning! I love the message to "stay calm." Stories made up just for you by precious grandbabies is definitely a smiley thing.

  9. I smiled after I went to Staples and bought a usb adapter.....enabling me to once again upload device "failed" or so the message said......

  10. This is very appropriate...especially if you get to see it all the time when you need to :)

    Thanks for sharing...and don't worry, Spring is just around the corner.


  11. Hi, Dottie, You can come dig in my garden with me! Bring Miss Addie, too?

  12. "Stay calm -and smile!"
    Very cute elf :-) God bless you, Dottie..

  13. Hi Dottie,
    I love your little elf.I have a green frog on my kitchen window ledge who dances when the sun or wind touches him.He's definately a "smiley thing"
    BTW I love "Miss Addie"
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  14. Love you elf....he makes me smile...and I agree on American Idol...we did that last night and said the same thing...who would have known?

  15. HI Dottie...I love this elf with the scrabble stay calm. My 10 yr. old told me a story of being lost in the amazon. SHe had me in stitches. Kid's stories are the absoltue best.

  16. Right now I'm smiling at your elf and the 'stay calm' message underneath.

  17. Love your picture and post to cute !!

  18. I'm digging that little elf, Dottie. Too cute!