Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Am Feeling Good

It is warm !
It is finally warm along the Texas Gulf Coast !!!
I have so longed for the return of this season of light and warmth  .

During the long cold winter months
I feel like I hibernated  and had to work at finding the joy in each day
not any more !

Right now I am feeling so good
in love with

pizza with anchovies
chilled chardonnay
and oysters on the half shell
lovely spring
seed packets
blue jays at the feeder
Michael Buble' in concert
fires on chilly nights
peanut butter on warm toast
the laughter of happy children
looking at baby Giavonna's blue eyes

I wish for you tonight warmth filled with the things you love .

What are you loving right now ?


I am linking toThursdays Simple Pleasures .


  1. the baby's blue eyes are gorgeous
    i am loving those oysters on the 1/2
    but not the anchovie pizza =)
    hubby made me a cherry pie
    that and a cup of coffee makes me
    very happy...i'm glad you're having
    warmer weather...we had more snow
    and expecting rain Thurs & Fri, so
    i guess we're in for MUD =)
    BEAR HUGS my friend

  2. How great to find the joy again, and I share many of the things on your list. I have garden things on my list, like thinking of which vegetables to plant when spring arrives. I plan to test the soil ph where my 2 blueberry bushes are planted, with my new soil test kit; now that is a hint of joy to come.
    I am also loving watching the antics of the birds at our birdfeeders.

  3. What a beautiful georgous. Happy to hear that you have a 'spring in your step".(-:

  4. I am loving this warmer weather in Texas -- even wore shorts the other day. Yay for SPRING coming!

  5. Snowing outside my window right now, but Spring is coming!
    Just might go and have some of that warm peanutbutter on toast.

  6. So glad you are having warmer temps. Our daughter lives on the west side of Texas and they have had so much cold weather this year.
    Your photos are beautiful, what an adorable baby.
    Enjoy your day.

  7. How lovely for you to have some warm weather! It's great to read your list of simple pleasures.

  8. Oh you do sound happy today, Dottie!!
    I'm glad for you :-)
    I'm loving the cooler days of our approaching autumn "Down Under", and the colours changing in the garden.
    grace & joy..Trish

  9. I am so happy for you, Dottie! Sounds like spring is soothing your soul!

  10. Oh I love all your simple pleasures...and the Michael Buble concert sounds wonderful, I have to see him one day. Enjoy the warming weather

  11. Dottie this is a beautiful post and even though we woke up to snow and cold...your post...warmed my heart...and your little boy....beautiful.

  12. Our weather was so perfect last week but winter has snuck back in...Oh well, spring will be here before long. What a cutie she is!

  13. Hi Dottie, I'm glad you feeling good and are in a good place. What precious images and of course the baby. What a glorious goodness of love. Did someone crochet her little hat? I am looking for a pattern for my newest little great granddaughter due the first of April. Hugs to you, Mollye

  14. Those eyes are sooo blue and beautiful! I wish I was on the Gulf Coast right now, actualluy just on a coast would do 'til spring really gets here!

  15. Well, right at this moment I'm loving that cute baby picture!

    Beyond that: Big mugs of coffee, grilled peaches, flowers coloring my driving route, the feeling that you get when you get a little decluttering done.

  16. Hi Dottie,
    It's nice that you're enjoying the onset of Spring and the warmer weather.In Australia we're enjoying being a little cooler as we move into Autumn.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  17. Looks like Giovanna has a pretty face that can wear hats well.
    Lately our warm weather has also been welcomed. Of course I expect we will have a bit more cold before spring actually arrives, but this break in the cold is rejuvenating.
    Enjoy, enjoy.

  18. Oh with anchovies sounds great! Loved your visit and comment to my blog this week. Thanks for coming. Susan

  19. I love the topic of simple pleasures. In fact, I was thinking about that just this morning as I enjoyed my hot coffee (sounds like that morning cup is important to us both!) and watched the chipmunks enjoying the sunflower seeds I tossed out onto the frosty deck. Fresh sweet air, the leisure of walking to the village through the snow... lovely!

  20. Dottie, I love how you string together prose and pictures. The simple pleasures here are some of my favorites.

  21. I have been loving my week in Dallas.....
    Back home now and missing my sweetpea.
    Isn't it amazing how a little sunshine and warmth perks us up! I am ready for the outdoors.....and oysters on the half shell...yum!