Friday, February 4, 2011


Oh No!!! Oh My Goodness !

This morning it is 27 degrees outside 
last night we had the lowest temperature reading I can remember here .
It was 20 degrees !
The weather man reported we would have snow and ice
It did not happen . It is just cold, very, very cold .
My garden is frozen !
No more snow peas or Swiss chard .
today I am thinking about things that are lovely
like the month of February .
Some things just seem to belong in February
tiny hearts, flowers, ribbon and lace .
Things like chocolate, pink nail polish and bubble bath .

so romantic

I am so glad that after a long, cold, dark January
there is a warm, red day in the middle of February .



  1. Oh I am so sorry that it is so cold for you...but you have those adorable valentines to warm you up. I love these pictures; so pretty.(-:

  2. Yall are getting a lot of bad weather in Texas.
    Guess you will have to pull out some dead plants from the garden?
    Spring is not so far away, but it seems like forever.
    Your valentines are precious.

  3. This cold spell has been and still is brutal!! I just comforting myself with the knowledge that it will pass and we will have warmth again. I like your idea of focusing on the fun in the middle of the month!

  4. I hope you're staying warm and snug this weekend! I know it's freezing in so much of the country! Hugs....warm hugs coming your way! ♥

  5. It has been freezing cold here too. But you little valentines certainly warmed my heart!!



  6. Hi Dottie, The picture you posted of the man and woman reminds me of a picture I have of my mother and dad that was taken during WWII. Their's was a romance story. Your picture was a gentle reminder of them.

  7. Hi Dottie, I've missed you. Just been busy with the One World One Heart event. I always love visiting your bloggy. And I am charmed by Miss Addie. Oh I would love her in my garden or maybe her cousin! I procrastinate too much. Try to get warm. It is just not like the South of our youth. We have had so many snow and ice days here in Louisiana that it just isn't funny.

  8. Yes February is sweet and here in Canada there is a holiday called "Family Day"in February.
    I hope I dont have to work it..
    Spring is on its way...and we're all waiting for it, aren't we?!
    Sending warm hugs and smiles to you Dottie...

    Deborah xoxo

  9. Good Morning time flies. I've been too busy to sit long enough to catch up with everyone. The snow is just starting "again", maybe I can sit still today/ha

  10. Thanks for stopping by Dottie...I've been missing you!!!!!

  11. "A warm, red day in the middle of February" - I love this!

  12. And spring is just around the corner, too!

  13. It is also a very cold night here in Mass and I'm dreaming of days of spring.
    Love your Valentine's..
    Yours sincerely,

  14. Hi Dottie, Sorry to hear it's so cold where you are. Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  15. Your garden might be frozen but your heart is warm, Dottie!
    God bless you..Trish

  16. We to have cold, cold and snow was like 16 here this morning !!we can hope for spring soon

  17. I am counting on those groundhogs being right...early that last pic.

  18. You just made an observation that has somehow escaped me for nearly fifty years. The warmest holiday IS the perfect interrupter for the cold month of February. I like that.

    I loved the looks on the faces of the vintage card couple. That LAST photo, though, is my favorite.

  19. So pretty Dottie. I love that picture of that couple and I love our buffet with the Blue Willow and the vintage Valentine's. Thank you so much for joining me tonight.

  20. It looks like the weather is still wreaking havoc all over the world. I wonder if things will get back to normal soon? I hope you stay warm in the meantime.

    Best Valentine's wishes,

  21. So true, Dottie. There's always a silver lining out there, no matter the weather. Great post.

  22. Chocolate, pink nail polish, and bubble bath are all things that, I agree, are the perfect simple pleasures! Great point about Valentine's Day warming up the winter. I have never thought about that!