Friday, January 28, 2011

Sail Away

I am so weary of cold, gray and damp weather !!!

I have tried wishing it away


it just keeps coming back .

I think I will sail away on a

until winter is over .

 Sea Cloud Cruises

Will you sail away with me?




  1. Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a pixie haircut.
    She lived in Hawaii where it was always sunny, even when it rained!
    One day her mum took her on a three hour cruise on a clipper ship...she loved it!
    That Lil pixie grew up into a wife, mother, grandmother.
    And you couldn't get her on board one of those ever again!!
    So you go, my friend, have a grand time and I will be praying here on terra firma that you have a lovely adventure!!!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I'm tired of winter too.

  3. Real or imaginary I hope you have a wonderful time.(-:

  4. Sounds like a plan to me. :) Thank you so much for the kind words you left on my blog. I noticed below you talked about watching Downton Abbey ~ I am hooked, too. Isn't it fabulous? I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. Sail away, Dottie! And, enjoy the sunshine and sea!

  6. what time are we leaving my friend...
    there's so much snow in PA and more to come...
    hurry Spring...

  7. To sail away on a cloud sounds delightful my friend, you could come here it is very warm and sunny!!!

    I wish that the grey skies will clear very soon, that the sun will come out and shine brightly on you this weekend Dottie. xxx

  8. My bag is packed.....stop at the next port and I'll be there!!!
    So very beautiful!

  9. Blue skies, nothin' but blue skies..from now on.. :)
    I'm with you sweet friend!

    Deborah xoxoxo

  10. Next winter everyone is going to have to make a trip to Arizona for a week or two...wouldn't that be fun?

  11. Yes, would it not be fun just to pick up and go at a drop of a hat, just because you want to?
    Is it a bit colder than usual for your part of the country? We went through a bit of snow - it was pretty, and it was fun to play in it, and I am now ready for spring. The older I get, the more narrow my comfort zone is.

    I wish you warmer, sunny days, and clear skies at nights.

  12. I'm packing my bags... Don't leave without me!

  13. Count me in. When do we leave? Hugs, Ginger

  14. sounds good!!! It is getting a little dreary around here too.

  15. Hi Dottie,
    A refreshing sea breeze would be lovely right now - we are feeling the summer heat in Australia :-)
    blessings to you..Trish

  16. Oh Dottie...I want to sail too. The cold...the winter is not my favorite. The groundhog here predicted early spring. I hope he knows what he's doing...b/c I long for warm weather...soft breezes....walks in the hills. Stay warm...

  17. That sound wonderful with our tempts still at 19 degrees...ready for some hot sun..but we are having beautiful sun! Stopped by from Simple Pleasures..enjoyed yours

  18. I would sail away! Cruising is one of the few modes of long distance travel of which I have no phobia.

    It looks so peaceful.
    AND it looks warm!

  19. oh yes, I'd love to join you on a beautiful warm
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and yes, my Sister's name is Dean, Mary Dean Barlow to be exact. She really dislikes the Mary and never uses it. Our Maternial Grandmother's name was Mary and our paternial GM was she got stuck with the family names. My Granddaddy named me, I was the last GD and he had wanted my 2 uncles or my Mom to name one of their girls Marjory Carolyn and guess who got stuck with that I do like it.

  20. Watched the video - lovely!!!
    Thank You for inviting me
    Yes Please, I'll come with you.
    God bless
    Barb from Australia

  21. sailing sounds fantastic. i wonder how many people could travel on that ship. keep warm rose

  22. Dottie,

    That sounds so blissful at this moment. [0= I love the feeling of being on a boat.


  23. I think the whole country is longing for spring. Sometimes you just have to take a mental vacation to some place sunny.

  24. Dottie,
    Dayle is so right...we are all longing for spring. I would love to join you in your journey on Sea Cloud Cruises! In my mind, of course!