Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Winter Day

It is cold
I so long for spring !
I know in my heart it will soon be here .

Today I have been thinking about how I spend my winter days and nights .

looking out the window at the cold gray sky
trying to take a picture of all the birds at the feeder without frighting them away

watching Dax and Petra coloring

oops! I did not put away Dax's pudding bowl
Sharing a quiet evening with my sweet friend
watching  Downton Abbey . Have you seen this ?
It is so lovely !!

My grandmother once told me when I was a child
to wish my life away !!
She was so very wise .

Who could wish for anything more ?

I am filled with such peace and gratitude
everyday is a gift .


I am linking to Thursday's Simple Pleasures .


  1. i always scare the birds away :(
    spent the best morning rocking grandson :)
    yes, spring will be here before you know it!
    Downtown Abbey? Is it a movie or series? Love the clothes!

  2. These are the day when you will look back and hold precious...much as your grandmother predicted. (-:

  3. Your grandmother shared a secret to happiness with you that day. =) It is a little hard not to wish this cold away.

  4. I know what you mean about winter, I'm not a big fan of the cold. All your pictures were so sweet. Nice way to break up winter blues.
    My hubby and I are watching Downton Abbey, we enjoy movies like that...wished they would make more.
    A have happy cozy week-end friend!!

  5. Those clouds look like a Monet painting. A beautiful play of light.
    I too am ready for spring - I've had fun in the snow, now I want to run in the sun.

  6. Oh you are so right. I wish we could impart on the youngins the value of treasuring each day as a gift, but sadly I think we only come to realize this when we are much older and have experienced some of life's hard lessons. Love ya, Mollye

  7. HI Dottie!!!! These are great photos.
    The pudding face is to cute!!
    BTW.. Edward Cullen is now following your blog ~ nahhh, it's just me. : ) Thank you for visiting and following the spoonful blog.
    I noticed in your profile that one of your favorite books is Rebecca. I LOVE Rebecca. Can't get enough of that Maxim DeWinter! : )
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Children quietly colouring in and sleeping on a wint'ry day is lovely and peaceful in the home. Your grandchildren look content :-)
    I have not heard of Downton Abbey but I'll check it out-the clothing in that picture is so very feminine!

  9. How sweet...
    Your precious ones look like they are well-loved :)
    I havent seen this show yet..will have to look for it; it sounds so nice...


  10. I love the picture of the clouds! Beautiful!

  11. Oh yes, Dottie. Every day IS a gift. A lovely post! Susan

  12. I love and long for Spring, can't wait for it to arrive, but without the cold drab winter would we really appricate the beauty of Spring and warmth of Summer?
    Love your little pudding covered baby.

  13. Spring will come.
    And how pretty it will be for you, Dottie. Even on the grey wint'ry days you manage to speak of loveliness!
    bless you..Trish

  14. So true ... don't wish your life away. That's something to remember every day. Love your photos.

  15. I'm with you Dottie...I long for spring to hurry up....I miss the warmth...being out in the gentle the hills with their smell and sights of Him... and I love love love that babe with pudding on her little face....

  16. The quietness of Winter is needed to keep our hearts calm and waiting for that wonderful scent of Spring! Birds are used to me rummaging through the garden :)

    Your pictures are lovely...thank you Dottie for sharing, M.

  17. Oh my, that is a gorgeous sky shot. the sky is just a simple pleasure full of treasures form above.
    I have never seen Downtown Abbey, but now that you made mention of it I will check it out.
    I love the sweet shots of your kids, so precious.
    Have a lovely day!

  18. So enjoyed reading your Simple Pleasure post and seeing the pictures. I've got to check the movie out. I'm joining you at Dayle's today.

  19. So sweet! I see someone else enjoyed a bit of pudding too! :) Much to be grateful for. Blessings to you and yours, Tammy

  20. Such a great simple pleasure !! Love the cute pudding face made me smile ....
    thanks for sharing
    Many blessings to you