Monday, January 10, 2011

A Cold North Wind

Winter blew in last  night on a strong north wind .
The weather man reported that it looks like it is here to stay awhile .

I think today is a good day for comfort food .
I have been thinking about
my Grandmother's chicken and dumplings .

I found Sandra Lee's book in a thrift store last summer
I have been looking at her  chicken and dumplings recipe
today I made it .
Not as good as I remember my Grandmother's being
very easy to make and  so good on this cold grey day .

I really dislike cold weather .
I wish it would snow if it is going to be so cold outside .
It  rarely snows along the Texas Gulf Coast where I live .

I have only seen snow six times in my life
two of those times I was at the Grand Canyon  !

Oh well! Since we are not going to have a snow day .
I cut out paper snowflakes to hang in the windows .
Tomorrow as Dax and Petra look out the windows we can pretend it is snowing  !!

As I cut out the snowflakes in my warm kitchen while the
chicken and dumplings simmered on the stove
I caught myself humming these words from a old song

The weather outside is frightful
The weather inside is so delightful ....


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  1. I agree...if it's going to be 26F in the morning I'd like to have snow please!
    I bought that same book for bigD and Raychel for a Christmas gift! It had some really yummy looking recipes in it.
    Stay warm, cuddle up with a blanket and the Good Book :)

  2. I love chicken and's one of my favorite winter time dishes! And what beautiful snowflakes. I love to cut things is so relaxing! ♥

  3. I love your snowflakes too Dottie...very pretty!
    Enjoy your day with Dax and Petra!

    Deborah xo

  4. is even cold in Arizona though I told myself in July I was going to enjoy each and every winter day! so good..

  5. Wow, the chicken and dumplings look good. Just stopped by to see what was going on. It is cold here and rainy. Not normal for Savannah either. After Christmas I find myself longing for spring. Can't wait. Stay cozy. Hugs, Ginger

  6. You are so creative Dottie! The snowflakes are really beautiful! Stay warm and cosy :-)

  7. I love your pretty! It seems to be colder everywhere this winter even in our warmer zones. I know that so far we are having a cool winter here in Southern California. Chicken and dumplings ~ yummy!

  8. Your snowflakes are beautiful, Dottie. And, even though those dumplings weren't your grandmother's, they sure look good. Sounds perfect for these COLD days! Stay warm ~ Tanna

  9. Is that fresh parsley on the dumplings? I too remember my grandmother's as being the best.
    That is some mighty fancy snipping with the snowflakes - they are gorgeous. The kids will love them.

  10. Here in the North, the weather is in the single digits...but I do enjoy winter and everything that comes with it :)

    Your snowflakes are just so pretty - and I am sure you are enjoying your chicken and dumplings.


  11. Oooh ... I do love me some chicken and dumplings and I make a mean pot of them, if I say so myself. Yours look delicious, too. What sweet snowflakes! Altogether a lovely Simple Pleasures post. So glad you linked up.

  12. OK. Now I'm craving chicken and dumplings. Yours looks so yummy! And I love your creativity with the snowflakes. So pretty!

  13. Dottie,
    I love the paper snow flakes...I would like them even more if they fell from the sky over my driveway! LOL! We've cleaned up almost 30 inches of snow since Christmas weekend. Enough already! Anyway I love your Simple Pleasure today and your chicken and dumplings look delicious!


  14. that soup with those dumplings look so yummy and I'm with you...I don't like the cold at all. Great idea though to make snowflakes and stick on the window. Your ideas are the best.

  15. Those are some awesome snowflakes. Better than any I ever made! And that lovely plate of food -- mmm.

  16. Your chicken and dumplings looks wonderful and the snow flakes are outstanding.


  17. I am not a winter lover either it was 8 degress when I came to work at 8 30 this morning !!! I love the thoughts of Chicken and dumplings on a cold day and your pictures are very neat !!

  18. I enjoyed looking through your blog. The pictures are lovely. boy, I'd sure like to learn how to make gorgeous snowflakes like yours! I am Southern, too. However, I am now living in the West. have a great Sunday!