Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today is Saturday .
My time is my own .
 There is nothing that I have to do
any place I must go unless I want, too .
Petra picked snow peas from the garden yesterday .
 I think I will use them today in shrimp with garlic sauce .
The sun is shining ! The sheets are drying on the clothesline .
Oh! What a joy it is to fall asleep smelling fresh breezes and sunshine . 
I can feel the library calling me .
It is my favorite place . Our library is small and cozy .
It is filled with wonderful treasures .
 If they don't have what you are looking for they will order it for you .
I have loved libraries every since I was in the first grade .
The bookmobile visited our school 
I found  Doctor  Dolittle .
On that day I also fell in love with reading .
 I went to a very small school . There were only nine children in my grade .
We did not have our own library
the bookmobile came once a month .

After lunch I think I will watch
Nanny Mc Phee .

Petra is growing up so fast.

shrimp with garlic sauce
you will learn to love her....  warts and all.....

 Tonight I will take a quick peep at the moon and stars in the dark winter sky
fall asleep dreaming of spring breezes and summer sunshine .


I am linking to Thursday's Simple Pleasures .
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  1. I know exactly how you feel about the has been my favorite place to go since I was a little girl and used to nag everyone to take me there...and I well remember finding Doctor Doolittle books and the thrill and joy of reading them. Petra is absolutely adorable. Have a great day!

  2. Oh the book mobile was a real treat to me when I was little!
    I have loved books forever!
    Well..for a very long time at least!
    And sun dried sheets are just how it should be if you can do it :-)
    Enjoy your day - it sounds delightful.

  3. Hi Dottie, what a beautiful blog you have... I came over from Tracie's party at Fishtail Cottage... your peas look so delish and so does your shrimp... you have a beautiful way of writing that truly touches my heart... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Good morning sounds like a care-free day for you.
    I first fell in love with reading when my God-parents bought me my first "Nancy Drew" mystery.
    I was hooked from then on...
    Enjoy your shrimp hunny and your movie!
    I've never seen that; I'll have to check it out

    Much love,
    Deborah xoxo

  5. I'm dreaming of summer breezes, too... Ahhhh...

    Exciting to hear of Maverick's arrival this summer! And, your Petra is a doll, but you already know that!!

  6. Oh dear paint such a beautiful picture....I think I want to come live with you! (O:



  7. The library is the best get away!!! Thanks for reminding me of the beautiful summer days ahead. : )

  8. What a wonderful word picture! I can see it all...and also the real pictures are wonderful as well~ Books in a room bring such coziness--at home or the library, and to think of sitting among all those stories and the words of so many people --- it's something to think about. That alone is coziness!

  9. what a fantastic gift of a beautiful day for yourself. take care Rose

  10. Dottie, your prose always moves me. Like you, the library is one of my favorite places. I liked mine much more before they made it so high-tech, though. I used to spend hours there. Thanks for sharing your lovely day with us.

  11. Dottie,
    I LOVE eveything you have mentioned in your Simple Pleasures post! Your daughter is darling and the garlic shrimp looks amazing!


  12. Love Nanny McPhee !
    And reading about your gentle days :-)
    God bless you, Dottie.

  13. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing...I pray you had a very relaxing and enjoyable day :)


  14. Nanny McFee..great fun movie and the library....we love going there...browsing and getting lost in all the books....

  15. I love a day with no agenda. Yours sounds simply perfect. And thanks for reminding me I have a book I need to return to the library this week. :)

  16. What a lovely and wonderful day!

  17. Sounds practically perfect in every way! (Of course, that's from Mary Poppins but as long as we're watching nanny movies, I thought it fit.)

    BTW, I share the pleasure of visiting the library. We didn't have a bookmobile, but we walked from our school to the Bushnell Sage Library and thought it was a BIG THRILL.

    I also love that movie. I watched it with my own girls, who are all grown up now but still like movies like that.

  18. Yes, I loved the library too. Our children do grow up so fast, your shrimp and snow looks yummy.

  19. Hi Dottie,
    I love the pictures (both word and camera)that you've painted for us.
    I love browsing through my home library --- the books I,ve read bring back happy memories -- and the ones I haven't got to yet give me a thrill of anticipitation.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  20. I've had a lot of simple pleasures the last couple of days! Blessings...

  21. Where do you live? We have snow and you are picking snow peas, wow.

    Nanny McPhee I have never heard of I will have to check it out.[0=


  22. Absolutely love Nanny McPhee and the wonderful memory of a bookmobile! Those, indeed, are the perfect simple pleasures!