Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Sweet Memory

I have a large royalty collection.

I remember the first time I saw a tea cup with the picture of Queen Elizabeth II on it.
A sweet memory from my childhood made me smile
I instantly bought it!!!

When I was a little girl my Grandmother told me a story about how my Mother met my Daddy.

During World War II my Mother worked in the soda shop in the Shamrock Hotel in Houston, Texas and my Aunt Dorothy was an elevator girl.
A group of Canadian soldiers came in to have a soda. One of them had been wounded and could not return to his ship until his wounds healed.
 He sat on a stool at the soda counter most of the day annoying my Mother by asking her over and over what flavors of sodas they served!!
That afternoon when my Mother met my Aunt at the bus stop the wounded solder was with her!!!
They took him home with them so my Grandmother could care for him until he could return to his ship. My Grandmother said that was common during the war.
As he healed and grew stronger he would tease my Grandmother
by standing, placing his hand over his heart and sing

"I Love The Queen" to the tune of  "God Save The Queen" when she entered his room!!

He always called  her Queen.

When he return to his ship he wrote my Mother a letter that said,
"When this war  is over let's get married!"

My Daddy's letter

Now you know why I smile when I see anything that has the Queen on it
 and it goes home with me!!



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  1. I understand this completely. What a treasure you have and what a beautiful story. I enjoyed visiting your blog.

  2. What a wonderful childhood memory - and to have the letter is priceless.

    The coronation of Queen Elizabeth - yep, I saw it on tv. That makes me o, l, d. Old. And that is what I am reminded of everytime I see a picture or Her Majesty. Your connection is far sweeter that mine.

  3. What a love story..and you have the letters!!
    My friend, Auntie Toni went to a coronation luncheon for Queen ELizabeth II! Her father was a chauffer, her mother in service. The royalty that her father was suppose to take to the luncheon were taken ill and gave their tickets for the luncheon to her dad and said,"You've been so kind to us, please take your family"! Imagine that! SHe said she wore her best, which wasn't much back then. Of course, no pics, but I am going to see if she has any souviners as she saves things like you darling letters...maybe she'll grant me an interview!

  4. What a wonderful love story and how special to have the letters, truly something to be treasured! I love your collection:)

    Your blog is so pretty, I added myself as a follower:)

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  6. And, we share the same name, tho mine is slightly altered to Dotsie.

  7. What a lovely post. I love stories like this. You have a great collection of Queen ware. Thanks for sharing, ~~Sherry~~

  8. What a great love story. I can just see your mom at the Soda Shop counter and your aunt at the elevator.

    How great of your family to take in a wounded soldier. I can see why you collect the Queen items.

  9. What a lovely tale and how sweet the way your remember it by picking up these pieces. I think your letters are an even better treasure! :)

  10. AAhhh...what wonderful memories! And how special for you! Enjoy your weekend, sweet friend! ♥

  11. what a precious memories! love the tea for one setting!.. I've been collecting Royalty China too.. and my very first collection is the Queen Mother's teacup..

  12. What a sweet post! I love those 'queen things'. Once when I was in London, I took photos of everything with a crown~ a fun collection.
    Another fridays' favorite for sure :-)


  14. i love your story about your parents. my mother was a war bride. plan to follow Rose

  15. Oh Dottie how wonderful to have those letters...
    When I was in London I bought a lovely purple plate from Queen Victoria's collection. It has a V in the center (my initial) and I love it!

  16. I was born in England, so I totally understand your passion for this collection. You have a great one, I enjoyed your post about it!

  17. That story is so sweet! Thanks for posting about your family.
    I too love all the Queen stuff anf have some myself{my nickname is Queenie). Now...when I see it ,it will remind me of my sweet bloggy friend, Dottie!!!!

  18. What a romantic story; I can see why you collect Queen items. Thank you for sharing such a sweet and lovely story and it is so nice that you have the letters.

  19. Having those letters and that story is precious indeed! I love a good love story! Thank you, Dottie!

  20. Charming. Indeed he was the Prince Charming. I'm sayin girl, this is the stuff movies are made of. What a wonderful treasure those letters. I know if they were mine there would not be enough money in the world to part with them. Thanks for sharing a beautiful story. Love Mollye

  21. That is such a great story-I agree that this is a gorgeous story about a real Prince Charming!

    Best wishes and happy day,

  22. Beautiful!
    She was his Nighting-Gale...
    so sweet.


  23. What a lovely memory and thank you for sharing.

  24. That is such a great story, Dottie. I love hearing things like this. So romantic and sweet.That letter is priceless. My dad met my mom via a neighborhood letter writing campaign during WWII. She had been assigned his name and they faithfully wrote each other while my dad was overseas for 4 years. When he came back home, they went for a soda and the rest is history.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  25. How sweet! Great that you have those letters.

  26. What a sweet love story! It's wonderful that you have their letters-- and your Queen Elizabeth collection to remind you!

  27. What a wonderful story. My neighbor was English...and she had a china cabinet filled with English memorabilia. I used to love to look at all the pretties.Don't you just treasure those letters?

  28. Aw, that is a sweet precious story! My dad was in town from the war and sat on the counter stool where my mom was waitressing, and he kept asking over and over what kind of pie they had (what WAS it with those military guys in WWII???). Love that he called her mom the queen, and that does make your items picturing the queen very special.

  29. What a precious story and a great collection!

  30. That is such a great story Dottie! Thanks for sharing it with a Queen. I was named after Queen Elizabeth who my Grandmother admired. So, we have something somewhat in common.
    Have a great Sunday.
    xxx Liz

  31. How sweet! What a great story. Thank you for sharing with us. I saw your blog on A Favorite Thing Saturday and am your newest follower. Hope you have time to visit Still Woods!

  32. So sweet! :-) Have a nice week! Regula