Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This Week

This has been a somewhat slower and quieter week in my life.
Maybe because it has been so very hot and I have followed
the course of the day wherever it took me.

So here is a glimpse.

The Miller Outdoor Shakespeare Festival .

It was an enchanted evening.

I have been waiting almost one hundred days to see my first flower !
The first today of many more morning glory days !

I think I am finally happy with these arrangements on my dresser and night table.
Well Maybe !!

I have not opened this drawer of my jewelry box in so long. I collected old ivory and jade.
I did wear it !
Now I just look at it. I need to change that way of thinking ,
Oh ! Yes I do.

The Perseid Meteor Shower

I am so ready for this magical show in the sky tonight !
My old wicker chaise is piled full of pillows along with a light blanket and positioned in just
the right spot to see as much of the entire sky as possible from my back yard.
The thermos is ready to fill with hot and sweet coffee. My latest Diana Krall CD
Quiet Nights is already in the player .

I am so in love with the night sky.
Look up and be amazed !!

Sometimes it is good to just go where the day takes you .

I hope your day takes you somewhere perfect. 

I think my day did .



  1. I think you are so right!!! Ready for my day...

  2. Meteor watching sounds like fun! We'll see if I can stay up that late.

  3. Your posts always make me think anything is possible...the day will bring good things! I have a new jade bracelet...would love to find a necklace to go with it! Maybe I should google it! heehee! Have a wonderful...beautiful day! ♥

  4. Oh I am coveting all that old ivory. Beautiful. Clarice

  5. Love the film. I looked and looked and never came across one as good as this.
    Hope you are in a good area for viewing - we are not. I have to enjoy just knowing that it is occurring. Cathch one for me.

  6. I will be thinking about you tonight Dottie as I gaze up into the night sky...hubby and I are camping out...on the patio...

  7. I am going to "try" to stay awake tonight!!! Thanks for the reminder!!!
    I just added South Pacific to my netflix que....such great music!!!!!

  8. I think your day led you to perfection, too, Dottie! And, your morning glory is stunning!!

  9. Going to gaze into the heaavens tonight..thank you!

  10. Your collection of ivory and jade is beautiful. ~~Sherry~~

  11. Did you see anything last night??? I kept imagining I did :-)
    Another friday's favorite~ have a fabulous weekend.

  12. Hi Dottie... What a beautiful night for the festival the sky is amazing!! My Grandparent lived in New Mexico, and boy you guys have hot days but the warm nights are amazing!
    I love your ribbon bundled letters.. charming!
    Tuesday I came across Mount Rainer late at night and caught a few falling stars.. Hope you saw a good show!!

  13. Oh gosh I envy you. I woould have adored the festival and have never had the chance to go to one. And your jewelry drawer. Beautilicious! XXXMollye

  14. Your blog is outdoor theater and your first morning glory? Sounds like a perfect day!

  15. Oh Dottie, go see EPL before you hear too much about it....if you are like me you want to form your own opinion and not be swayed....
    I was spellbound....

  16. Oh Dottie what a beautiful and calming post. That jade collection is to die for!! I do hope you start wearing it!!



  17. First time visiting your blog. It is so upbeat and refreshing. Good to meet a fellow believer in blogland.

    Your newest follower, Annette

  18. Wonderful Shakespeare Festival! I have been to that once and I really loved it. I hope you enjoyed the meteor shower. Just wonderful. Thanks for stopping by. Oh, I am celebrating Tasha Tudor day too. I just loved her back in time lifestyle and her fabulous drawings!

  19. video was fantastic. hope your meteor show was great.