Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Texas Raindrops in a French Barrel

Last year I wanted a barrel to collect rainwater in.The feed stores were out of them every time I called.
The garden shops did not stock them in my area. Even Wal-mart did not have one !!!!
I looked online and found this one.When I tried to order it I found out they no longer sold them and it had cost $219.00 plus shipping!!!!!

But this year. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I went to the car wash and guess what I saw beside the dumpster?

I quickly asked if I could have one and it went home with me
A friend installed a water faucet and attached it to my gutter.He stood it on a metal shabby chic table.
I spray painted it brown and stenciled in black
rainwater in French.

I am waiting for Texas raindrops to fill up my French barrel!!!!!



  1. How super! I am taking a class next Tuesday in Rainwater Harvesting, and we're each making a rain barrel from a plastic barrels. I can hardly wait, I'm so excited. Now I may have to stencil mine with some fancy foreign language, too, thanks for the idea!

  2. That's ingenious! Love that you painted it and added the French words. Now, if we can get some rain...

  3. That is amazing Dottie!
    Nice job!!

    Deborah :)

  4. Thank you so much for visiting me. I went to San Diego State U my first 2yrs of college, I was only roomate was Dottie...she was a look like her! Isn't that funny. Not too many Dottie's in the world. Anywho...I love that rain barrel you got! And your gardens are inspirational. My bestie jAne at Tickleberry Farm is going to love this. She started collecting rain barrels last summer. We still need to get one. They could become very important in our near future.

  5. Oh my goodness now who would or could have thought ot that. What a cool idea!

    I guess we both know Tanna and Mollye - both awesome women.

    My daughter studied French for a long time.

    And I love Mama Mia!


  6. That's great. It looks so good.....

  7. Fairmaiden at told me about your rain barrel so over here i sprinted and well by golly there ya go. creative solution! i've long wanted a barrel and will have to show the hubs this idea. thank you!


  8. That is such a brilliant idea! I don't think I have ever seen such a stylish rainwater tank!

    Best wishes for a fabulous weekend,

  9. Your rain barrel would be full around here...ha
    thanks for the recipe, i'll try that one!

  10. Hi Dottie...Sometimes patience does have its own rewards...your rain barrel is great! After reading your profile sounds like we have a lot in time you come to the Grand Canyon don't forget...we will have a guest house available in the fall...we live right in the middle of the beautiful Arizona desert...would love to share it with you!

  11. Hey Dottie, If you aren't the sharpest tack in the box I don't know what is. Just purely ingenius! Also I luv---adore your little tussie mussie and please please tell me how you make your potpourri> Thanks girlfriend, XMollye

  12. Your rain barrel is such a clever idea. I would love to have been able to send you some of the excessive rainfall we have had here in Italy recently. Maybe you saw the photos when you visted my blog? Thanks for calling by for the Sunday Song.

  13. Dottie, I had saved this link to your French rain barrel. If it's okay with you, I'd like to put it on my Pinterest "In the Garden" board. I'll be sure to credit and link back to you. Thanks, Nola

  14. Dear Dottie ~ I am new here so going through your archives and oh my gosh, I'm sitting here with a smile on my face, tears overflowing as you are so inspiring me to keep living my own simple life now that my dear husband is gone. Thank you.