Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Little of This and That

I wanted to show you some of my projects. I can't because I have not finished any of them!!!!! So I am going to show you  a little of this and that in and around my home.

This chalkboard is in my entry way, She once greeted my customers to my shop, The Buttercup.

vintage collectibles

vintage collectibles

No, it's not the holidays
I have a large Shabby Chic cabinet in my entry way filled with vintage 40's and 50's holiday collectibles that I display all year . I love to search for them at the antique show in Round Top, Texas!!!

African Violets
I grow African Violets and have every since I was first married.

This potpourri is made from lavender and the pink roses from last summer's garden. It smells heavenly!

Teacup Chandelier
My son helped me to rewire an old chandelier with blue willow teacups and crystals, It hangs over my dining room table.

Grandmother's chair
I watch the sun come up and read my Bible from this chair every morning.The chair was my grandmother's and a friend Miss Billie helped me to slipcover it.

This picture of Jesus is very old. It hung in my grandmother's house by her back door for as long as I can remember. Now it hangs by mine.

Easter Chicks
These cute little fellas are my grand childrens' Easter chicks.  They are not so little any more!!!
They are in a large box in my laundry room waiting for their coop to be finished. All I can say is the things we do out of love.



  1. I never considered making my own potpourri, you are one clever lady. If that cabinet in your entry ever disappears, you can blame me, I'm lovin' it!

  2. I love the tea cups in the potpourri and your grandmother's chair and the violets and the print of Jesus and... and... and... The funnest part though is the comment, "the things we do out of love." Oh, those grandbabies! We would move mountains for them if we could... or raise chicks. lol.

  3. These things really make me smile! The things we do out of love...
    ♥ Sandi

  4. Fun to look at even a second time! Happy Mother's Day weekend, Dottie!

  5. oh can I come live with you? OK I'm just sayin............can I at least come and take pictues and touch everything? Beautilicious!

  6. Oh my you have busy and so creative. I love everything. I am soo glad you like the lavender cookies. Clarice

  7. Hi Dottie-
    I just wanted to stop by. I am also a Texas blogger (deep South Texas).
    Your blog is lovely-
    I have always wanted to make potpourri. Is it complicated?

    Your projects all look finished to me!
    I am now a follower-


    White Spray Paint

  8. The Easter chicks are so sweet! My cousin just wrote me some memories of our chicks...years ago! Love your cabinet full of vintage Christmas! I may decide to do the same thing to enjoy my collection! Great idea! ♥