Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Slowing Down

Last year I bought this magazine in a book shop. I fell in love with it. Everything in it !!!!

Then late one night I found this .

I started thinking about my life and how I spend my time. I had become a very busy person. I started  thinking about my childhood on the farm and how quiet and simple it had been. I decided I wanted a change.

Then a friend brought me this.

That did it!!!!
I started making changes one step at a time.

I planted vegetables ,herbs and  flowers everywhere .
Even here.
The front of the house!!

I collect rainwater
I dream of raising chickens.

I stargaze at night.

The Big-Dipper

I turned the television off!!!!!! Except for American Idol!!

I love my simple live. I have learned as my life became quiet and simple.
I could once again hear God's voice.



  1. Beautiful Dottie..

    enjoy the quiet..its a place He calls me to quite often,
    His smile is upon you..

    In His love & friendship,
    Deborah \0/

  2. Oh, Dottie! What a beautiful post from the heart! After I finish visiting you I'll check out Mary Jane. I so enjoy simple things too- and all things home.
    I love what you wrote about hearing God... that's the best part! God is always waiting to talk to us!
    Blesssings, new friend!

  3. What a pretty post. I'm looking forward to simplifying my life as well. Less TV will be a good start.

  4. Yes!! Love the planting of flowers and herbs, the quiet heart you are enjoying...I am on the same path, my friend, thatk you for the encouragement :)
    Have an enjoyable day in His creation!

  5. Ah, it's relaxing just to read your post and take a few more steps toward simplicity. The tv shows now days don't make it hard to turn the tv off and leave it off, do they?

  6. Sounds like pure bliss! I haven't been watching much TV lately and we don't let the kids watch it during the school week either and I must say that the whole house is calmer as a result.

    I bet that gorgeous water tank is keeping your garden nice and green!

    Best wishes,