Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I ♥ Farmer's Markets and My Frigidaire

I  have wanted to go here it seems like forever. So I went !!!

Oh! My!!!

When I returned home and started putting the things I had brought at the market away I started thinking about what is in my fridge most of the time.
Free range brown eggs
blue cheese
half and half coffee cream
Greek yogurt
pine nuts
raspberry preserves
natural peanut butter
Parmesan cheese
red and green peppers
pickled jalapenos
red onions
heart of romaine

Oh I forgot to add these!!!
two hungry grandchildren!!!!What's in your fridge?



  1. I was going to comment on the beautiful lettuce's at the Farmers Market but the best photo is of the little ones in the fridge. That is just precious. So adorable.

  2. I love farmer's markets, too. So many fresh and flavorful options. Do I see wine glasses chilling in the freezer? I'll be right over for a glass!

  3. Cute, Cute picture....
    I am so ready to go to Farmers Market....
    Love me some fresh veggies!!!!!

  4. The content of your fridge and your purchases sound delicious! And, those grandchildren... there is just nothing more precious. =)

  5. I love a good farmer's market too... nothing like a plate of fresh fruits and farmers cheese.
    This has to be a friday's favorite. Come join in the fun.

  6. Love the last photo!

    I'm sure hoping for a bountiful harvest in my garden this year...

  7. Hi Dottie,
    Very nice to meet you...
    You have a warm, inviting, romantic blog....
    I love going to Farmers Markets too! You can certainly find some treasures, and unexpected ones at that....and when you're ready to leave, you cant leave without some wonderful flowers to bring home to decorate and brighten up your home. I love St' Jacobs Farmers Market in beautiful St. Jacobs, Ontario.
    I also dream of going to France just for the romance of it all...

    I too, am a lover of His....
    Blessings on your weekend...

    Deborah \0/

  8. My first time here - and your blog is so nice.

    I love Farmer's Markets too and I have a grandchild in mine - but you look so young - like they could be your own children!

    Your icebox looks better than mine too!