Friday, March 21, 2014

Moment By Moments

The week has been... long and tiring 
I have been feeling under the weather.

I am taking it easy
joy moment by moments.

on my windowsill today

this little bird looks under the weather,too

happy blooms on my patio

projects on my pine farm table

 mother loved wearing these fun glasses at her 90's birthday party


 'A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones.” —Proverbs 15:30


  1. Gorgeous photos! Happy birthday to your mother.

  2. Oh what a pretty bird. Nice pictures.

    Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  3. beautiful photos, love the glasses an I LOVE whats on your Pine table, oh yes I do, feel better soon,

  4. Hope you feel better soon. Your mother looks happy and beautiful! Hugs to you!!

  5. Dear Dotti ~ I am sorry to hear you've been under the weather and hope you'll soon be feeling much better. You have such loveliness surrounding you, may it boost you in spirit. I'm always uplifted coming here by the beauty you share.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. Sorry I forgot the e on the end of your name.

  6. Aw, Dottie- I am sorry you aren't feeling good. Hope it passes quickly. What a fun pic of your Mom wearing those glasses. Have a good weekend- xo Diana

  7. Dottie, I do hope you are feeling better soon. Hugs!

  8. Hope you feel better soon. Such a cute photo of your mother.

  9. I'm hoping this coming week finds you feeling better.

  10. A belated Happy Birthday Wish, to your Mother!!!

    Mmmm, it's been a weird week here, too. Hope you soon will be completely "above the weather." :-) (Aren't those "sayings" interesting...?)

    Find beauty, around our Now! Perrrrrrfect attitude. I'm trying to live more in the Now, also....

  11. Love the glasses on Mum! She looks happy, thanks for sharing these precious moments!
    Will you share your projects as seen on the table? I could smell the dried roses and lavender all the way to the Pacific NW!
    Blessings (and praying you have perhaps a better week? Take care!)

  12. I'm visiting a bit later than usual, so I hope that things have picked up. Take good car.

  13. Not sure how I missed this post, Dottie, but I hope you're feeling better. Your mother is beautiful! And that little bird looks as if its huddled up against this early spring chill. Wishing you a lovely weekend.