Saturday, January 25, 2014


It is very cold  and icy outside my windows today
the sun is shining after many grey days.

I have found delight
 the quite beauty of this sunlit day.

a primrose blooming on my windowsill

rainbow chard standing tall in the sunshine

a blue jay on this

warm cookies always take the chill away and makes any day better...even cold ones

Today I have not been dwelling
how very long winter has lasted or how far away spring seems
early this morning  God whispered this scripture to my heart .

Psalm 118:24
 This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.


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  1. Sweet, sweet good to visit you again!
    I have been reminiscing over blog posts today and I have been so blessed by hearing your words and your tender heart.
    What a beautiful gift he spoke to you today. I receive it too...thank you Lord!
    Hugs and warm smiles to you this new year!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxooxox

  2. What a good scripture to think of first thing in the morning...every morning. We love swiss chard. Yours looks so healthy and good. Enjoy your evening my friend.

  3. oh your first three pictures are so spring like. Makes me really want Spring. I like your picture also on the clothes line.
    Far right. Beautiful!

    Your heart cookies are nice. Your a real baker. It looks.

  4. Oh- You are making me feel guilty. I am having a hard time rejoicing over this terrible cold and all this snow and wild wind. Lovely pictures-as always! xo Diana

  5. Lovely. Each day should be cherished and you certainly know how to do it. Thank you for reminding me.

  6. It's been a joy to visit you tonight. Thank you for the scripture and lovely photos.

  7. Good morning dear Dottie ~ That is one of my favorite scripture verses. Your photos are ones to rejoice over. Your cookies are wonderful. I've never seen those chocolate hearts before.

    Have a lovely Sunday and a great week ~ FlowerLady

  8. Don't you love sunshine, after a "spell" of grayness?!? Oh yes!

    And there is so, so, so much about this awful winter, in Blog Land. It's almost making me feel *opposideous*! Like.... Come on folks! Yes, it's cold. Yes it can even be dangerous. But it's Winter.

    Do you love having 4 Seasons in your year? I do! Let's try to cut this awful Winter, some slack. See the coziness of our warm homes, etc.

    Ooops! -gigggles- You got me up on my soap box, didn't you? -grin-

    Stay warm and enjoy the day.

  9. Dottie, it all looks good. Bet you were unusually cold last week. It snowed one time in eleven years we lived in Houston (One inch). Also love the flow blue plate peeking from behind the primrose. It will be warm today, tonite in the teens. Groans. Yet, I am going to plant some radishes and mesclun lettuces in the greenhouse to see if anything comes up.

  10. Dear Dottie, thank you for the sweet, sweet comment you left on my blog today. So sweet.

    Oh and I must tell you...... You have the most precious and unique Icon pic, in Blog Land. That fancy pink "scare crow lady" is so, so cute. One has to smile, when they see it.


  11. Dottie, I love winter sweet, and the promise spring will arrive. The cookies look yummy! Stay warm and yes, each day is a day to rejoice. Hugs! Bonnie

  12. Love the flowers. Perfect medicine on a cold, gray day.

  13. I do try to love each day, Dottie, but the frigid temps don't always make that easy! Those cookies look delicious. I'm hoping we get Primrose in the markets soon.... they do so cheer up a cottage on cold days like this. Enjoy the coming week!

  14. Perfect scripture Dottie for ANY day. Loved your post.

  15. Beautiful! I love it. Your photos are gorgeous too!