Thursday, August 8, 2013

Following After Summer

I am a summer kind of girl.

In the summer
I feel better and I am happier.

I  don't rush the days or the nights.

I slowly linger in them
at where they take me.......

Farmer markets
Half Price Books
Thai shrimp curry
summer salad
summer plates for summer food
pink love
nights under the moon

Forever Summer.....Love


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  1. You know I feel the same way! I don't even want to HEAR anyone say the days are getting shorter! I love summer!!!

  2. I love summer, too! Winter was a bit depressing until I moved to New Zealand where 'winter' is nothing compared to Kansas!

  3. Beautifully written and illustrated! I too love summer and this one has gone faster than any before!

  4. You have certainly summed up summer love!

  5. Oh, how I love the summer, too, Dottie. The days are growing shorter... We will have to savor what's left. Thank you for your smiles! blessings ~ tanna

  6. Hey Dottie,

    You WON a Herb Gardening magazine! Please e-mail me your address at glenshawgalATgmailDOTcom. Thanks for reading and highlighting my blog. You remind me of my cousin also named Dottie! She was a free spirit and had a lot of style just like you. xo Nancy

  7. I love the summer also. Its already down to the 70s here. Our summer has gone fast. Great post.
    Thanks for sharing with us at our Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.
    Angel @

  8. Yes, I agree, Summer is the best season and it will truly be missed!