Friday, April 19, 2013

Quiet Joys

I have been looking
quiet joys......

I not only found joy
also peace.


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace

I am linking to A Favorite Thing.


  1. Such lovely photos! I love a crescent moon. Jean

  2. A beautiful post. That's where to find the joy and peace -- in quiet things and in God. Wishing you a peaceful weekend. My grandson and I looked at that half moon last night.

  3. Amen, Dottie. I think that is something we all need when we look at all the craziness and strife that is going on in the world around us. Beautiful post- xo Diana

  4. What a lovely post...quiet joys, so beautiful.

  5. Beautiful photographs. Have a safe and peaceful weekend. Bonnie

  6. I awoke in the early morning hours feeling a bit sad but your beautiful post put a smile back on my face and hope in my heart.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  7. Lovely photos, uplifting words of truth.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  8. Good Afternoon Dottie, Your photographs are so serene. I would love to curl up on your wicker settee, wrap the quilt around me and doze in the afternoon sun....oh what a treat.
    Dottie, I found you at Claudia's My Favourite Thing and I have become a new follower. I look forward to getting to know you and I would like to invite you to visit me at Ivy, Phyllis and Me! when you have the time. The door will always be open.
    Best Wishes from England.

  9. Your words are a perfect summary to a chaotic week. Thank you.

  10. Your pictures are so calming and tranquil. I too would love to curl up on the settee and maybe read a good book. Don't you just love toe shoes and graceful ballerinas? Thank you for sharing your "Quiet Joy" with us.
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  11. Lovely post, Dottie. Thank you.

    Thanks so much for joining in today.


  12. Hello Dottie...Loved your photos of the pretty flowers. So glad your day was nice, too. And Miss Addie? The prettiest scarecrow I've ever seen in my life! Nice job. Thanks, too, for your visit and comment on my blog. So nice to see you came and visited. Susan

  13. Oh this is such a lovely post Dottie.

    With all the bad things happening in the world at the moment,
    it's wonderful to have your reminder of the beautiful moments we have too.

    I pray to the God of Hope to bless you.
    Shane ♥

  14. Quiet joys are the best Dottie, and peace? Perfect union!
    Your love seat looks so inviting!
    Hugs to you xo

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo