Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I have always as long as I can remember
in love with the month of March .
It is a funny kind of month
winter one day
surprise; spring the next.
I delight in the winds of March
 because it is my birth month!
When I was a child I would always ask my Grandmother
to tell me the story about
the night I was born......
She would always start the story
by telling me.........
On the night you were born the March wind danced in the trees
whispering you name ...
I always plant my spring garden the second week of March
this year has been a different kind of gardening year.
At this moment it is just glorious
filled  with the joyful
 sounds of a celebration.
My white doves, Collete and Claude's two tiny eggs have hatched
now they have two little ones.

I am painting my study Blue Cloud
 is making me very happy
 as happy as eating this lemon pie.

collette and one of her little ones

Gumbo Lily's lemon cloud pie

God is so good!!

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  1. Such a beautiful post, Dottie! Your garden looks so lush. We had a frost the other night. In fact it seems more like winter than last month. And oh yes it has been lion march windy. Thud, yesterday, and our neighbor's tall pine was against their house. Not to much damage. You never know about those trees... happy birthday this month!

  2. Happy birthday month, Dottie! Love the doves.

  3. Dottie, your garden is simply gorgeous!! As beautiful as the lady who tends it. Hope you enjoy your birthday all month long! Oh, the precious videos... they light our hearts. blessings ~ tanna

  4. I can't believe your garden, Dottie! Omgosh..seems like it was just your birthday a minute ago...enjoy your month!

  5. Lovely. How fun it must be to see the little birds hatch and grow. The garden looks wonderful, so abundant!

  6. Happy Birthday month Dottie! Loved the video of the children singing!! Your garden is wonderful, I can't seem to keep our many squirrels from diving into whatever we plant. They really love to eat tomatoes!!
    Many blessings to you dear!

  7. Happy Birthday month to you! How sweet to have two precious new hatchlings your garden is amazing...like it should be in a gardening magazine!

  8. Happy Birthday, Dottie! I hope you enjoy a month long celebration! Your birds are delightful, as well as that piece of pie! I love anything with lemon or lime! Happy Spring! ♥

  9. A belated Happy Birthday! A lovely post!

  10. YES HE IS!!!! Hoping your birthday is as sweet as you are.Thank you for linking up to the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop linky party. Hugs and wishes for a lovely week ahead. P.S. The new giveaway has started!