Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And The Rains Came

It has been raining
my windows for over a week.
I was so
disappointed I could not see the March full moon
I have enjoyed looking at the beautiful photos of it
My grandmother use to tell me,
"Goodness Child! the world is not perfect!"
So I have contented myself on these rainy days
painting my study the colors of this sky....so very pretty
puppy dog sitting for the sweetest and most patient
little dachshund.

During her stay Little Chris has taught her about the
of dinosaurs
She is not so sure about the stickers
but he told her they would not eat her if she had them on!!!
I told you she was patient.

Little Chris                              Miss Scarlet

I made chocolate croissants for breakfast
every day this week.
I found an easy way to make them on Firefly Cottage.
They are so yummy!!!!
I am not going to tell you how many I have eaten.......

I planted snow peas and Kohlrabi in my fall garden
at this moment
are at their peak.
I have been looking for as many ways to cook them as I can find.

Kohlrabi is  a new vegetable to me
I am surprised at how very much I enjoy it.

Since it is raining
I can not work in my garden.
I have been cooking
snowpeas from the garden
roasted kohlrabi and butternut squash
chinese chicken and snowpeas
chocolate croissants

Please forgive this very long post
it is still raining!!!


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  1. sounds to me like you have eaten well this week, lovely photos, I love the rain.A bump on the head left me with a brain injury that makes me avoid sunny days, I love a cloudy day.

  2. Always a joy to visit here, Dottie. Love the photos, and the puppy story. So cute.

  3. hope the sun comes out soon. funny photos.

  4. yummy food, sweet visitors and a patient pooch covered in stickers placede with love. It's definitely sunny inside xo

  5. I tried two or three times to comment earlier but it blogger wouldn't take the comment, so I've forgotten what I had written. I do like the doggie and grandson picture and if I could I would have that chocolate croissant every morning! Sorry you missed the moon and hope you see less rain soon!

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  7. Hi dear Dottie....It is raining here also...but just started last night. That pic of your sweet dog with the stickers is to die for!!....your beautiful grandson isn't bad either. LOL LOL LOL

    Sounds like your are "rain bound" for a while so keep on cookin' up a storm...it all looks yummy.

    I've said this before,.....i so wish I lived by you....I'm quite certain we would be fast friends.



  8. Hi Dottie- I was just blog hopping a bit and came across your blog. I am your newest follower. I love the way you write and share your heart and the love you have. I am grateful I found you..and I'll be back! Soon! Hugs- Diana