Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Hot

It is hot really, really hot
it has not rained in what seems like forever!

Every time I look out of the window at the garden
seems to be saying help!!

Even the water in the pool feels hot.

Sadly, I have been hiding from the heat by staying inside where it is cool
 I am an outside kind of girl!

So today I am embracing the heat
baking french baguettes in my hot kitchen
the pans I found at the Salvation Army store.

I am excited about the pans
 the new baguette recipe , especially the ice tip.

It is 98 degrees today
 I went to the farmers' market
even though
it was set up on the college parking lot
the temperature was over 100 degrees.

It was wonderful.
It really was!

I fell so in love with the  chocolate and violet French Macarons
I forgot all about the heat.

This afternoon it is still hot
I am sitting on the patio watching the sunset
the sprinkler waters the garden
thinking about how wonderful my day 
after I quit hiding from the heat and embraced it.

Wishing you cool moments on these hot July days.


I am linking to Outdoors Wednesday.
Thursday's Simple Pleasures.


  1. Our farmers markets in Arizona are just lacking..I guess because it is summer. I remember last year in Colorado they had farmers markets and we literally did all our food shopping there...that is all we ate except for milk and eggs! It was so good! That french bread looks so yummy...Larry has gone pretty much gluten free and I really miss baking...I know there are other flours but it really is not the hoo...take care Dottie..I hid out from the heat too abit...I figure the real bad heat is only for two months and I curl up with a good book.

  2. I love that you are making the best of it. The bread looks fantastic!
    Thanks for the sweet words today ~ I needed it.

    Have a wonderful friday ~ stay cool.

  3. That does sum it up pretty!!

  4. Good for you to bake in this heat! I too had similar bread pans and loved to make baquettes, but something happened to the pan. We finally had some rain last night and it was like a big drink of water, which we needed so badly. Today may be cooler as a result but then the high heat is coming back

  5. I am always so inspired when I visit you. While in TX I struggled with the heat, it was hard! Your bread is amazing, as well as the market pictures. I like the way you share your world, it's pretty!

  6. Hi sweet Dottie......your pictures today made my mouth water. LOL LOL
    Not so terrible hot here in fact this summer it seems we have hit mostly cool spots for once.

    Stay cool dear lady,


  7. Hi Dottie, my first visit here, I popped over from Outdoor Wednesday. Lovely photos, I enjoy farmers' markets, too. Lovely photos. Those little French cookies are so popular, but I've never tasted one! Stay cool, xo

  8. I enjoyed reading your words today even though I agree and think it has been ridiculously hot! That fresh baked bread looks delicious.

  9. What gorgeous bread. I can taste how good it is! Lovely heirloom tomatoes and french macaroons. I tasted my first macaroons last September in Paris at Lauduree. I swooned over the macaroons and the beautiful salon.
    Your pool area and plants are beautiful.

  10. Even in the heat you baked marvelous.
    Joyce M

  11. Good for you making the most of your day :) Here in the NW I'm loving the sun/heat we're finally getting. Your last photo looks very relaxing, backyard?

  12. Beautiful photos...

    Rainey @ The Project Table

  13. Beautiful pictures, and I saw the mint in the glass, I just did that this morning also...

  14. Hi! Just Beautiful pictures, I love them

    You're invited to participate in my party "Step by step on tuesday!

    I hope you!


  15. A trip to the farmer's market sounds wonderful! Sadly we don't have those here. Not much is locally grown with temps of 120 most days. That ice cold drink sure looks refreshing. I cook and bake no matter the weather. These days I am always stuck indoors. Good thing I am a homebody and like wearing pajamas. :) good thing hubby doesn't care that I wear pajamas each and every day. Ha! Have a good one! Tammy

  16. Hi Dottie,
    Happy you had a good day.Baking in the heat is an amazing thing to do. The bagettes look appetising. love the violet macarons.....
    God bless,
    Barb from Australia

  17. beautiful shots and it's hot here too but yesterday it rained and I know I heard those flowers sigh. Stay cool

  18. Yes, Dottie it is hot here too. Not quite as bad as for the poor folks in TX & OK. Your mint plant looks so pretty. And ahhhh, the macaroons.

  19. Dottie, I just love the way you brought this all the way around. It truly is a simple pleasure to just step out into what ever the weather and see what God has out there for us.

    Lesson received. I needed to hear it!

  20. It's dangerously hot these days, so I'm staying indoors as much as possible, but I can't help but stray outdoors for a few minutes each day. Must say, though, I'm ready for fall. Reckon it'll ever get here?

  21. There you are baking away indoors and out in the sun while I'm still sitting beside a fire!
    What an amazing world we live in lol!
    Hope you don't overdo it now ;-)
    The bagettes look wonderful and your day at the markets sounds lovely!
    Keep cool, dear Dottie.

  22. Everything looks delightful! Can I come over?

  23. I enjoyed your pictures and post also the glass of sweet tea to the right sure would be nice right now .....

  24. That bread looks sooooo yummy! I go nuts for bread.
    I do know what you mean about the heat and NO RAIN, I live close by...we are having brown outs now :(
    Praying for rain!