Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Love

June is my favorite month of the year.......

Last year winter was the longest and coldest I can ever remember.
I hate to be cold
 right now at this very moment I finally feel warm inside!!

 Maybe I need to live somewhere it is always summer.

Oh lovely June
I am going to make every day and every night
I spend with you special.

I am going to sing the song Homegrown Tomatoes with Dax and Petra
inside and outside especially outside in the garden where the tomatoes can hear it
every day!!!

We will eat as much watermelon as we can.
I think we will have it every day .
My Papa used to tell me tell me if I ate too much one of these days watermelon would come out my ears.
It hasn't yet
now I tell Dax and Petra that....

 I can hear the ocean whispering to me
come and play!!!!!

I spent all of my summers at my grandparents' beach house
for as long as I can remember.
When I was a child I thought every one's grandparents
six months in town and six at the beach!

The sun, sand and sound of the waves are a part of who I am.

I will run in the waves.

I will become a summer shell seeker again.

I will eat shrimp, scallops and red snapper over and over again all summer long.

I have already put away my hot, strong and steamy cups of coffee at sunrise.
I am loving cold, sweet and creamy, iced coffee in the garden swing later in the morning.

I have been watching tiny birds flying in and out of the birdhouse my Papa build me many years ago, caterpillars on my fennel plants,
after more than a year my cone flowers are blooming.

I am lighting my home on the weekends with only candlelight
falling asleep on line dried sheets .

June is so very lovely, a fleeting moment in time,

enjoy it while you can!!


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  1. Awesome!!! Love the June plans...

  2. loving June too my sweet friend :D
    and i just saw your heart shape tomato!!!
    there's a little love growing in your garden :D
    BEAR HUGS to the little ones...

  3. Oh Dottie...I agree, how lovely June is.
    Sounds like you are going to enjoy it to the fullest...
    Everything sounds like so much fun and delicious as well!
    Wish I could join you...and I love the candlelit weekends!. Sweet!

    Deborah xo

  4. Your love of Summer always comes through so beautifully on your posts. I can hear the beach calling me too. Love the photo of your patio and the wine glass on the side of the pretty pool. I just want to dive in and hang out.

  5. Summer is my favorite season....June my favorite month! I love it and your sweet post! I never saw the ocean until I was almost 40! Can you believe it? Enjoy your day my friend! ♥

  6. Beautifully...just beautiful...both the pictures and your words. Yes! Enjoy.

  7. who is that sweet little pink girl? she's stealing the show! ha.

  8. Dear Dottie,

    What a beautiful post! I agree that June is a wonderful, carefree month. Your tomatoes are ahead of ours, but we're right there with you, eating watermelon every day! It's a lifesaver in summer. :)



  9. I'm with you on the watermelons!!
    Beautiful pictures!Love sweet pink baby in the baby pool...priceless!

  10. I love May and June!!! I am just praying that we don't have a drought like we had last year. All of the beauty was dead and gone by mid July..... No rain all summer!

  11. Oh have painted such a lovely picture here. I wanna' move in with you. LOL



  12. Lovely post, Dottie. Lovely. If you love the sea, check out my post for Wednesday, June 8. Susan

  13. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I want to be there in some of those moments captured in your words and photos!

  14. Love your post !!! nothing like summer. we too had a long cold winter with lots of snow and I am spring and summer gal . I too am enjoying each day drinking it all in from sunrise to sunset !!

  15. Great song! A good ol' tomato sandwich with a side of Ruffles. Delish! I am in a desert country that is hot all year round and it is only getting hotter and drier. Temps already about 120. Yikes! Enjoy the pleasures of summer. Best wishes, Tammy

  16. Hi Dottie,
    Your June plans sound so wonderful!! And I love that even the catapillers are enjoying themselves. I can visualise you,Petra and Dax singing to the tomatoes and being at the seaside. Enjoy
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  17. Ahhh!!!!
    You do know how to make a girl feel dreamy! lol!
    Dottie, this is a gorgeous post :-)
    Sounds like you and the kids are going to have a wonderful time!
    I wish you a perfect Summer, my friend.
    Blue skies and blessings to you..

  18. What a lovely post, Dottie. Hope your summer is just perfect.

  19. Sounds perfect!!!! Happy June! We are planning a move within a few years ~ we used to dream of living deep within the mountains but now we dream of a house on the beach and lots of warm weather.
    Have a great weekend Dottie!

  20. I grew up around the ocean and the summers were really the best for me.

    Your memories are so precious Dottie!

  21. June is my favorite month also. I love the photo of the little one in the pool-hope we have lots of those days soon!

    Hope your summer is wonderful.


  22. Dottie - a lovely tribute to June! It is a special month! My husband and daughter just finished a watermelon he purchased by a local vendor after church the Sunday before last! (I have tried - but I don't like any kind of melon- feel so left out!)
    I'd love to walk the sandy beaches collecting shells - I spend more time doing that than anything else at the beach!
    Tomatoes - can one live off them in the summer - I do try!
    Your words and photos share with us a wonderful tribute to June and to Summer! Thank you for sharing with us at Savoring Summer!

  23. I can't think of a more pleasant way to end a beautiful day in June, or any summer day, than with a candlelit home and sleeping on line dried sheets! Heaven!
    Visiting from Kathy's Savoring Summer!
    Summer Blessings!

  24. I love the smell of fresh linens off the line as well. Everything is just so beautiful and relaxing.


  25. I love what you wrote about summer. I want to put up a clothesline right away, it has been a while since I slept on line dried sheets. Beautiful post.

  26. Beautiful! I love your writing!
    Your baby girl is a little darling.
    Hugs, Cindy