Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In The Garden

One is nearer God's heart in a garden
than anywhere else on earth.
  Dorothy Frances Gurney

Right now my garden holds so much promise.

Every day at sunrise and again at sunset
I stroll through it
I am amazed!

This  morning Dax counted 34 tomatoes on the vines
I am sure some are hiding from us.

The Swiss Chard is almost as tall as he is
very lovely to look at
even better to eat.

Gardening is in my soul. It has always been a part of my life.

I grew up on a farm.
My mom always planted a large kitchen garden
a half acre of tomatoes.
There was always a large shaker
salt when the tomatoes were ripe on the table beside the garden gate.

Watermelon has never tasted as wonderful
the ones I shared with my brothers
standing in the field where they grew.

My grandmother loved her flowers.
I still plant four o clocks, hollyhocks, morning glories
and zinnias in memory of her.

So often she watered her garden by moonlight
so do I.

In the Bible Our Lord and Saviour walked
prayed so often in a garden.

Is it any wonder that I am so at peace in my garden
so is my little helper?


I am linking to Thursday's Simple Pleasures.


  1. Dottie, I love this as I love my garden also. In fact many of my blogs deal with creation or things found in my garden. Nothing testifies to God more than nature to me!

  2. Oh this was beautiful Dottie...
    You're so right..gardens are wonderful places and so soothing...yours sound and look so lovely xo
    Somebodys enjoying that comfortable spot on the swing :)

    Deborah xo

  3. beautiful post.. makes me want to go outside and take it all in.
    Have a great thursday

  4. Beautiful garden. If I had a half acre of tomatoes I would think I was in heaven.

  5. Such a gentle and satisfying life!
    Your word pictures are very powerful, Dottie.
    You make the simplest things, like growing tomatoes, sound exquisite!
    Enjoy your harvest :-)

  6. this is beautiful Dottie. When you wrote "Watermelon has never tasted as wonderful
    as the ones I shared with my brothers
    while standing in the field where they grew." What a great image and fun thing to do.

  7. Serenity under the lovely.

  8. Your garden is beautiful I like you love to spend time in the garden ....Its time to be alone with the Master Gardener !!! nothing better.....Thank for sharing such a wonderful pleasure

  9. Your garden is just beautiful.....I love watching fruits, vegetables, flowers grow and thrive. I would love to have a garden! We live on solid rock and would have to build it up....alas, my tomatoes are in flower pots, but they do well and we have fresh tomatoes (not yet)...can't beat them!

  10. the garden is an important part of our world

    i come to the garden alone
    while the dew is still on the roses
    and the voice i hear calling on my ear
    the Son of God discloses

    and He walks with me
    and He talks with me
    and He tells me i am His own
    and the joy we share as we tarry there
    none other has ever known...

    i have memories of singing that as a very
    young girl in an old country church...

    blessings to you my friend

  11. Dottie, I love your garden and so would my husband. I've heard of watering the garden by moonlight but never tried it.

  12. Beautiful! My, that swiss chard is big and healthy! Your little helper looks quite cozy. obviously it was a gorgeous day. Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy

  13. How lovely dear Dottie! Thank you for sharing about your garden and what it means to you.
    Love the swing photo! I need to paint mine white, I love how yours is chippy!
    Love you friend! Enjoy the garden!

  14. Lovely garden Dottie..and your photographs are beautiful.

    I want your porch's perfect. All ready aged to perfection and I'm sure it's all "broke in" as we say in the south.

    Great post.

  15. Your garden is amazing!! Your little helper looks very comfy in that swing...:=)
    You already have tomatoes?

  16. Half an acre of tomatoes, that sounds like hard work. My sister and her husband live in Arkansas, they grow those big beef tomatoes and they are delicious. Your photos are lovely especially that last one!

  17. Love this, Dottie. I've spoken that exact quote ... feeling nearer to God in my garden than anywhere else on earth. Mine aren't nearly as spectacular or big as yours (I've never grown anything but flowers and plants), but no matter how big or small, there's just something about spending time there that has to be experienced to understand. It is truly a simple pleasure.

  18. What absolutely lovely flowers and plants, Dottie. Oh, I can just see you watering your plants by moonlight! Thanks for sharing. Susan

  19. I so love that poem. And it's true! Your garden looks like a delightful, thriving, colorful place. Sweet dove,too.

  20. Your garden is spectacular....not to mention that sweet grandson!



  21. Oh, Dottie, your garden is both beautiful and bountiful!! A gift from God. blessings ~ tanna

  22. Dottie your garden and this post are both beautiful. So glad I could stop by tonight for a visit.
    Hope you have been doing well and that you have a wonderful Mothers Day.

  23. Thanks so much for joining Fishtail Cottage's, Cottage Flora Thursday's! Love your little dove! so sweet to see in a garden post! Your garden looks so healthy! xoxo, tracie