Thursday, November 18, 2010

Warm And Cozy

Winter has come to Texas  .
Oh my goodness ! It is cold outside .
I know some people really enjoy
 winter weather
my son ,but not me !
I don't like night falling so early .
 I really don't like being cold at all
 I like cozy .

I am making soup , burning candles , getting out the throws
and my lavender blanket .
My study is filled with good music, DVDs
and the love seat is full of  fluffy new pillows .

My garden is planted and filled with greens and more greens .
I have enough new cookbooks to keep me busy 
next Sunday I am putting up my Christmas tree .

All of these things are heartfelt pleasures
to help me appreciate the beauty of this slow down season ...

 I have talked myself into giving winter a chance to
win my heart
for the first time I am ready for the soft flow
this season to fill me with it's quiet and lovely
peace .

I wish you warm and cozy winter nights .



  1. You always inspire me with your thoughts of living life to the fullest! I love your cute socks and the beautiful candlelight in your home! Enjoy your evening! ♥

  2. You have certainly captured cozy Dottie... :)
    I started decorating our tree'll be a work (joy) in progress....
    I've never done a white shabby chic tree before...but its fun and pretty.


    Deborah xoxo

  3. good description of a warm and laid back time to enjoy. rose

  4. Dottie, I am trying to give the cold weather a chance, too. The past few years, I have grinched my way through the cold... I am making an attempt to find joy in the shivering! LOL! Wish me luck. I'm liking your idea of cozy! You make a good positive spin on winter. =)

  5. I have those little slipper socks in them...I wish that we could reverse things and have the long days in the I too made a decision to enjoy each and every winter day...not that we have winter yet...70° yesterday....hoping it holds for Thanksgiving...I need to have it outside!

  6. Yum.....greens!!! Don't forget to put some pepper sauce on them....ha

  7. Oh dear Dottie.....what a cozy spot you have made for yourself....could I please come over?? (O:(O:



  8. Oh Dottie ~ I'm just like you...I hate to be cold but I love all the cozy things of the season...tea, soup, socks and blankets!

  9. You have the right idea. Delicious food served in warm, soft, light; then relax with a comfortable throw around yourself, listen to soothing music, all while wearing fuzzy socks.
    Winter is not my favorite season either, but there are wonderful things that happen during winter, and before long, it is spring.

  10. Dreamy,
    I love your socks and cozy too,it is so cold here in the UK and we have snow forecast for later this week bbbrrrr,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones,
    ps The Baby you prayed for is on HIS way today i just posted an update,
    Love Kristina xxx

  11. I'm with you sister, being cold can put me in such a bad place. I always think of the homeless and people without heat when I get cold and then I cannot get warm for the life of me. Happy Thanksgiving, Love Mollye