Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Have Been......

I have been decorating for fall . I know fall has been here for awhile and
after being inspired by so many of you I think I am finally finished .
Dax and Petra are very pleased with the results and so am I !

My garden is looking so green and full now that all the hot weather is over .
Here on the Gulf Coast we have three growing seasons .
It rarely freezes .
I have been planting lettuce, turnips, mustard greens, Swiss chard and collard greens.
I really like them all .
They grow well here, look lovely all winter and they are good for you .
My four-o-clocks are as tall as I am and covered with flowers.
My grandma grew them in her garden
and I grow them in remembrance of her.
I know I share my garden so much with you
I love it and it gives me such pleasure all year long .
I am a farm girl at heart !

I was sad to see the hummingbirds fly away to a warmer climate for the winter
I noticed yesterday my birdhouse in the garden had many little birds perched
on top of it and some peeping out the holes at me. They were also at the bird feeders.
Isn't it too late to be nesting?
My backyard in filled with their sweet sound.
This afternoon Dax and Petra were looking at them in the feeder and started singing
Chickadee..dee...dee .
Dax  said, "Nana, the yard is filled with Chickadees! I know because that is the sound
the Chickadee makes on your clock."

Tonight I am going to light a fire in the chiminea and make Smores.
I had never made or tasted them until last Halloween and Dax told me how to make them .

Life is good
it is amazing all the wonderful things you can learn
from a three and four year old !


I am linking to Thursday's Simple Plesures.


  1. I love the clock! But I enjoy watching birds.Fascinating little creatures. what a beautiful gardens you must have. I love four o'clock's because my mother use to have them all over our yard. In bright pink. I have yellow in my garden and we have to move. I must remember to take some of the seeds with me. Your post was lovely and made me smile. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your Sunday! Anne

  2. Yes, those sweet little people are full of wisdom aren't they! I hope you enjoyed the smores and the time by the fire.

    Happy Fall!

    Best wishes,

  3. A lovely post, Dottie!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  4. You have been a busy lady.....
    That pumpkin pictures is adorable....
    My hummingbirds are gone too; but I saw one yesterday so I washed the feeder and filled it up again, just in case a few stop by...
    Have a great day!

  5. Oh you have been busy...
    Everything looks wonderful...
    and your little sweetie holding the pumpkin..too precious!

    Your posts are always a blessing Dottie..

    In His love,
    Deborah xoxo

  6. Your wreath is beautiful and your granddaughter looks as though she just found treasure. Smores are fun, messy but fun and delicious. I think this is a must on girl scout camping trips.

  7. Those grandbabies are the best teachers in the world! Your fall decor and garden photos are wonderful, but Petra with the pumpkin is my hands down favorite!

  8. My parents have that same clock in their kitchen. It's just too cute. And that precious little girl holding that pumpkin is heartwarming for sure. I love all kinds of greens but have never tried Swiss chard. Not even sure I know what it looks like. :)

    Wonderful simple pleasures post.

  9. love that bird feeder with the chickadee...and smores...yum

  10. Your front yard looks so pretty. I love homes dressed for fall and I totally agree...the best life lessons are often from the little ones. Enjoy your smores! Patty

  11. Love your pictures !!!! I would love to life where its warm most of the time. Thanks for shariang

  12. A lovely post and pictures to match. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope your having a blessed day.

  13. your front door of your home is very inviting. i'm not good at gardening, sounds like you have a touch. i miss the hummingbirds. we would get a few in our yard. take care rose

  14. I love all your pictures, but what caught my eye is what you wrote in your About Me: I want to live a beautiful life every day and with Jesus on my side I know I can.

    That is refreshment!

  15. Hi Dottie,

    This is my first visit.. You are so right about learning from a 3 and 4 year old... I have a little Grace and Levi that are almost two and they are amazing!

    Tonight I am going to light a fire in the chiminea and make Smores ( SOUNDS LIKE MY KIND OF NIGHT)..

    Be blessed,


  16. Oh this was just beautiful! I love the photos!! Thank you for such a lovely post. blessings..Trish

  17. This is just wonderful in every way. I love that you have chickadees! I haven't seen one in years. I hope you enjoyed those smores!

  18. thanks for your comment on my post re listening. listening, being there for some is a great gift we can give someone. rose