Thursday, September 16, 2010

So Pretty

I am so in love with our weather right now !
The last few days and nights have been lovely,
beautiful,golden and shiny.

Oh My Goodness!!!!

I noticed a subtle shift of light from
summer bright to autumn demure this week . 
It's my favorite (absolute) atmospheric experience .
It looks like everything outside has been touched with a golden shiny light .
Here on the Texas Gulf Coast we usually do not have seasons .
It is hot one day and over night the weather becomes cold and rainy
not this year!

 The  garden is awake again . The zinnias and morning glories are blooming .
I harvested 15 eggplants from just one plant
Rose and Rouge are laying an egg each every day .
I have never had so many visiting hummingbirds .

The light is so heavenly streaming though my kitchen windows .
It is a joy !

Last night right after twilight I saw two very large and dark bats .  It was  both scary and wonderful
at the same time !

I wish you could come and stroll in my garden tonight with me .
The night blooming jasmine is filling the entire garden with its sweet fragrance
I promise the moon will be beautiful .

hanging over my kitchen window
eggplant and peppers
zinnias.morning glories.basil
night blooming jasmine



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  1. Everything sounds so alive!!!
    Gorgeous shots..I love the last one!!!
    I've never tried eggplant..what veggie would you compare it to? :)
    Have a great weekend Dottie..Im off to work shortly: Im working all weekend this time.

    In friendship,
    Deborah xo

  2. Oh, Dottie to hear (read) your description and see your photos makes me so want to be able to take that evening stroll with you! Visiting you always leaves me feeling happy!

  3. What is this Nighttime Blooming Jasmine you speak of? I wonder if it will grow here? I love the way the light changes this time of year too.

  4. Your pictures and descriptions are wonderful...
    I love the last picture also...
    When you have a yard & garden you have joy...
    Have a beautiful weekend.

    HUGS ~victoria~

  5. That eggplant makes my mouth water! So glad to read about someone that truly loves where she lives!

  6. Love your beautiful pics!!! Have a great Friday.

  7. I love the way you captured the light in the first picture...and your tea cart is beautiful. As someone commented above it is nice to read about how you love where you live.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. What an eye for photography you have dear is wonderful....and the words you have chosen to describe your world are sublime.

    Happy weekend,


  9. This is such a beautiful post...I've had it open on my desktop for a couple of days to enjoy! ♥♥♥

  10. Oh honey girl, If my kitchen was that pretty Punkin would sure have some great meals! Love, Mollye

  11. Dottie, how cold does it get where you are on the coast? Your garden looks like mid summer, so I guess you will be harvestinng for awhile yet. Viewing Jupiter is pretty any night but the 20th is suppose to be the best.

  12. Thank you for visiting over the weekend.

    Your photos are beautiful. I especially love your morning glories...and that tea cart is fabulous. Looks like a delicious cake sitting on top of it.

    Have a lovely week.


  13. What a soothing post. Your words (and pictures) drew me right in. Thanks for sharing your garden with us. :-)

  14. As a Southeast Texan myself (about an hour from the coast), today was the first day I recognized the slanting sun of autumn. I could feel a slight shift in the air. It'll probably be a few weeks before those temps really feel like fall, but we'll take whatever we can get, huh?

    So happy to have you linking up today.

  15. As for that full moon ... I posted on Facebook about it. Magnificent!

  16. I am in love with this season, but for me it's the anticipation of it coming. We're a little behind here in Georgia. I have noticed, however, that the days are indeed getting shorter and the mornings are (ever so slightly) cooler. Bring on fall! This post makes me smile and got my heart stepping this morning. (And your photos are beautiful!)

  17. Dottie, such wonderful photos, I love morning glories and zinna's. Those are simple pleasures enough for me.

    Hope you have a great day!

  18. Humming birds, night blooming jasmine - sounds wonderful to me - I've never seen them over here in England.

  19. your garden is soo so beautiful. That blue flower the best but it all looks so inviting.

  20. Beautiful, Dottie. We both were thinking of autumn this week.

    The photos are lovely. I really like the one with the vapor trail.


  21. That last picture is the trail I am leaving as I hop on down to the Texas coast to spend a couple of days with you-----oh me, I guess I need to come back to reality.

    Dottie, Dottie, this was such a wonderful, enjoyable and peaceful post--I could smell that jasmine as I read your post. Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you for a little vacation--even if for a moment.