Friday, September 10, 2010

Smiles and Hugs

I have turned my moments of smiles and hugs this week 
into heartstrings
to treasure in the quiet times of my life.


Cucumbers made into homemade pickles turned into smiles
as a
 summer garden in a jar.

A birthday celebration for a princess
turned into the very best kind of a

Deviled eggs made from the eggs of two french chicks, Rose and Rouge
a dozen smiles!

An evening movie and dinner shared with a sweet friend
is a warm hug!

A homecoming with a brother and his lovely wife
is a very special  kind
smile and hug!

The last few rainy days and quiet nights
full of sweet rest became gentle hugs
wrapped around my heart!

In the quiet times my heart feels the ribbons that tie all these
moments of smiles and hugs together as heartstrings.

Life is so good!


I am linking to Thursday's Simple Pleasure


  1. All these pictures made me smile, then I got to the last picture of the warmly lighted room and said. "Ahhh." What a nice place to relax and enjoy life.

  2. Dottie, I am so glad your posts are now showing up for me..Your brother could be my brother's twin! Did you like the movie? I never could get into the book personally but everyone else seemed to like it. and you are right Life is so good...

  3. I am so glad my posts are showing up on your site again,my friend. My brother is a twin. I am one of nine children and the only girl. How fun that your brother looks like mine! I read the book but ,it took a long time. I really did not enjoy it. When my friend wanted to see the movie I did not think I would like it .I went because my friend wanted to go. It was complete breathtaking from the minute it started to the very end.
    Have a good day!

  4. Dottie,
    I really enjoy the way you write and express youself. The photos are lovely too. I would have loved to visit your shop!


  5. Love your sweet and inspirational blog!

  6. Oh sweet DO have a beautiful life.



  7. Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday. It's so nice to meet you.

    This is a totally lovely post. I am smiling right along with you about all of those things, especially that adorable little girl with her sweet crown. SUCH a sweet photo.

    I LOVE deviled eggs. I usually add bacon bits and salsa to mine. I could eat the filling by the spoonful...which sometimes means I have egg whites left over and not enough filling to put in them!!

    Have a lovely day,

  8. Hello Dottie...
    I'm a new have a lovely blog.
    Stop over and visit if you get the chance...


  9. Lots to smile about in your life my friend...thanks for the lovely post and photos...

    Im smiling and sending you "hugs" this evening

    Deborah xo

  10. What a beautiful post. Life is good...I love how you appreciate the little things. Thanks for visiting my blog..yours is lovely, too. I know I'll be a regular reader!

  11. What lovely simple pleasures! And your room looks so romantic and restful!

  12. Hi Dottie...I felt exactly as you did about Eat,Pray,Love. Did not like the book at ALL. Then I decided to see the movie anyway and loved it. Very nice post from start to finish. Loved the little princess, too. Susan

  13. Loved this, Dottie. Your words and images drew me right in. Sweet, simple pleasures add up to a beautiful life. Amen.

    Always a joy having you at the party.

  14. Loved the summer garden in a jar. My mouth is watering. Beautiful post. Thanks!

  15. You definitely have a wonderful way with words.

  16. yum. these are making me hungry and I agree with do have a great way with words....

  17. Love this post Dottie, the evidence of the little things in life you find pleasure in.

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Great post, Dottie. Inspiring.