Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Hard To Say Goodbye To Summer

I am a southern summer girl . I love everything about summer
the lazy days, the foods, the sound ,the smells
and even the heat!
I hate to be cold! I really do!

I am not a winter person and it is already September .
Fall is the first step towards winter . So I know winter is coming
I hate it so!!!
 I have been thinking about fall and some simple pleasures to keep me contented in the coming season .

teatime in the afternoon
candles at twilight
oil lamps lit in the evenings
aprons on a hook
soup simmering on the stove
blue willow ware,old silver and cream ware
late tomatoes in the garden
apple butter
cozy in my smokey plum bedroom
herbs in the window sills
staying home
watching for the return of the geese
old and new books
wearing long skirts
enjoying the cold and clear sky
listening to new to me music

I know I will enjoy this slower,darker and quieter season
 I will miss these things so much .

flip flops and capri jeans
fun in the pool
lunch on the patio
summer flowers
moon flowers opening in the moon light
butterfly days
warm lazy days

I would like to say I am looking forward to fall
but I am not!
I am reluctantly accepting it !

What will you miss about summer or will you miss it ?

I am linking toThursday's Simple Pleasures .


  1. Good morning sweet friend......We have had a wonderfully cool summer here in Montana....but fall is definitely in the air.
    Heading down South AZ where it is always going from Warm to don't see much fall....

    Beautiful post today.....thanks for sharing.



  2. Hi Dottie..what a thoughtful post...
    I love summer so very much too, and I dont like the cold :(
    I do love the beauty of all the seasons though..
    I will miss the warm sun on my skin and face and less layering of clothing...and the flowers, and lakes, travelling, and so much more....
    Deborah xoxo

  3. I'm right there with you! I could enjoy summer year round. I guess I just need to focus on the positives of each season, but for now I'm holding on for dear life!

  4. Yeah, each season usually does this girl good! I was tired of 105 degrees though--a little too hot.

  5. I do love fall, but understand those who don't. Love your list of simple pleasures. Hope to see you Wed/Thur.

  6. I look forward to fall because I love the colors, and the coolness in the air. There is an anticipation that I feel. The other side of the coin is that winter is approaching, and I do not like wet, cold days that are short in sunlight. I am beginning to think that I am a light sensitive person, and for me nothing is better than being outdoors.
    As much as I like fall there is some melancholy in the long shadows, and the sense that the visible growth season is over. Fall leaves us with an ending. The bears have it right - hibernate.

  7. I like your list, you make me appreciate all those things. I have been in the mindset of waiting for fall and cooler weather. It's hot here! (we are a military family living in TX) Growing up near the ocean in New England I feel most at home with a sweater on. I can always find comfort in a gray day. Kind of depressing isn't it?

  8. Oh Dottie I love summer too!!! All but this one! I love any activity outdoors...esp. yardwork, but this one was unbearably hot and no rain = everything died... the pool water was too hot to enjoy....just wasn't a good summer this year. Guess I'm ready this time to move on and look forward to spring!!

  9. Wonderful post! And I'm glad you linked this up to the Simple Pleasures party this week. Perfect.

  10. this made me smile and love that butterfly on the flower. I do love Fall but I don't like saying goodbye to the lazy days of summer too. ☺

  11. This is my first visit to your blog. I'm visiting from the Simple Pleasures link party. Your name is next to mine, and I always try to visit the names on either side of mine.

    Girl, I could have written this post. I am SO not into cold weather, and I am none too happy about the arrival of fall. In fact, I've decided that I won't even decorate for fall until mid-October (maybe later!!!), almost like if I don't acknowledge it, it won't really happen.

    I am a Florida gal, but a few years ago, we moved to the Mountain West. I have not adjusted well to living where we experience seasons. I don't do cold...I don't do barren trees...I don't do six months of gray skies. Add to that, I miss the ocean...and our precious family. We're hoping to move back to our beloved South, and it can't happen soon enough for me. Last year, the weather got cold the first week of October, and I didn't put my winter jammies away until the first week of June...that's 8 months of cold!!! Can you hear me screaming now?!

    Well, have a lovely day,
    Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

  12. I love your simple pleasures for fall, what a great list. I am a fall person,although I do love the same things about summer that you do.:) And it is going to be sad to see them gone for another year.

    Hope your having a blessed day!

  13. I won't miss summer. I'm an autumn girl! I liked your lists of simple pleasures for both seasons!

  14. Hi Dottie, I too will miss summer. I am not a cold weather kinda gal. I dont think us southern girls do winter well! Although....I really look forward to Christmas time with all the decorating, baking, and all the family home for the holidays!!
    You have Moon Flower!! I have been wanting you have extra seed???

  15. I'm a true transplant. Even after nearly 10 years, these southern summers are just brutal to me! So while I anxiously await fall, I can say that I will miss flip-flops and capri pants the most! I usually wait UNTIL fall to enjoy my meals on the porch. :)

    Both of your lists were fabulous!

    For me, I can't wait to breathe in that cool morning air when I first step outside. And to be able to use my oven to bake and to be able to burn festive fall/winter candles!

  16. I am a summer girl, too! Even though I love the colors of Fall and the beautiful mountains here in their splendor...Fall is my least favorite month of the year! I like to be warm and enjoy the sunshine. A few years ago we bought a house in we spend the winter months there! It's perfect for me! And now that it's getting cooler...I can't wait to get back! Hopefully you'll have an Indian summer and more warm days ahead! Hugs! ♥

  17. i miss my hummingbirds, watermelon, 'real' tomatoes, warm peaches, the smell of sunscreen... all friday's favorites :-)

  18. Hi will have to come and sit on my front porch this winter and warm up a bit...just to let you know..I see a new post on my side bar but it doesn't come up when I click on...

  19. I'm ready for Fall! I'm usually glad to see summer arrive and more glad to see it go. I think Spring and Autumn are my favorites. Too bad we don't get much of either here in Texas! I will miss being outside and long days but not until Winter sets in.

  20. This has been a most brutal summer here in the Northeast and I can honestly say, I'm glad to see it go! I love Fall (but not winter except for Christmas) and as the poet said, "when winter comes, can Spring be far behind?"


  21. Dottie, I love the summer, too. I hate to be cold. But, I guess the cold makes appreciate the warmth of summer all the more. I love the heartstrings you have wrapped all snuggled in your heart... they are all precious.