Monday, August 30, 2010

Good Things

My week has been full of good things.

The grand babies and I had a wonderful tea .
They were so excited and Petra
  took it so seriously. She was a perfect little hostess . Now she wants to have a tea everyday !

Friday night we had a thunder storm and high winds . It  damaged some of the basil plants in the garden.
I made pesto, a very good thing ! It is so easy to make and my favorite summertime food !

Saturday night my friend and I packed a picnic basket  and went to Miller Outdoor Theatre .
We sat on the hill under the beautiful, dark, star filled sky
and watched The Golden Dragon Acrobats perform. It was an absolute joy watching them .

Saturday morning and again on Sunday morning I found the very best good thing in the chicken coop .
Rose and Rouge's first eggs !!

Every time I think about my week I smile inside because I know
Our Heavenly Father likes to give his children good things
I am one of his children !

I hope your week was full of good things, too .




  1. My week has been wonderful so far! And I love the sweet tea party! So precious! I'm so glad we have cameras to take LOTS of photos, aren't you? Enjoy your evening! ♥

  2. How wonderful to have tea parties!! It sounds so sweet...and Im sure your grandchildren are loving it and making special memories :)
    The picnic adventure sounds so enjoyable your photos!
    Glad your week was full of good gifts and mine was too my friend...
    Have a pleasant night

    Deborah xo

  3. We are so blessed, aren't we, Dottie?

  4. I love your perspective ... how you see God in those good things and take note!

  5. Sounds like you have been having lots of fun. Tea parties are such fun with the grands and create memories they will never forget. Like you I feel so blessed. God is good!!

  6. Very good things... a wonderful life! God's blessings abound.

  7. What a truly precious and priceless little tea party! Blessings indeed.

  8. Good afternoon sweet Dottie....thanks for stopping by with such kind comments. I do believe YOU ARE TOTALLY YOU in everything you do!!

    Good for you.....great pics.....hey did you scramble those eggs??? (O:(O: