Thursday, September 30, 2010

Indian Summer

Can this really be happening !
 Here on the lower Texas Gulf Coast we are experiencing an Indian Summer !
It is so lovely .
I wish this would happen every year . I am not going to count on that ,
I am just going to enjoy every moment .

I am so in love with the soft glow of the sun in the early morning and late afternoon as
it fills my living room and kitchen with golden light ..

Twilight has never been more beautiful
or the moon !!

Everyday I hide in my heart the small things that gave me joy
and I think on those things in the quiet times .

Addie  in her new garden dress
the golden afternoon sunlight
in the garden
candy corn and salted peanuts mixed together taste like a Pay Day candy bar
a trip to Round Top

I think I have always been a small moments person .

Are you one too ?


I am linking to Cindy's Show and Tell .


  1. Hi Dottie!
    Indian summer..sounds marvelous!
    Enjoy...You find joy and gratitude in the little are so special.

    Deborah xoxo

  2. Pity the person who cannot enjoy the things that are around us that lend joy and beauty to our lives. You are definitely not one of them.

  3. who knew that miximg candy corn and peanuts you'd have a Pay Day? I love a Pay Day and a Pay Day Candy Bar too!