Saturday, July 17, 2010

Test Kitchen Fun

I don't know why I picked this hot summer day to test new recipes
in a very, very, hot kitchen, but I did!!!
I have been seeing so many new to me yummy recipes in cook books, magazines and posted by my blog friends I wanted to make a few of them. So today I made my kitchen into a
Test Kitchen!!

I bought this book at the 99 Cent store .
I tested this recipe. It was easy to make and tasted wonderful!

Southwest Style Fajita Salad

This recipe is on Cooks com .
I needed a recipe to use some of the eggplant, tomatoes and basil from my garden.

Pasta and Eggplant

On the side of the above plate is Parmesan Crusted Baked Shrimp from Clarice's blog
Storybook Woods. They were delicious with the pasta and a glass of red wine.

I could not leave out a sweet ending.

I made the Blackberry Cobbler from the Lavender Dreams blogspot with vanilla ice cream !

OH MY..... every one of the recipes were sooo good !
My food tester liked them all and thought I should do this more often ! Ha !!!

Now I am going to sit in my porch swing


watch twilight through the stained glass window on my patio.

Today has been a very satisfying day. I hope you had a wonderful weekend too.

Bon appetit



  1. Wow! What a busy day you have had. The food looks great and so does the porch swing. Have a nice evening.

  2. How fun!! I love to try new ones, too.

    (It's a little more fun in the winter when we like that extra heat in the house.)

    Blessings to you today.

  3. Have never had parmesan crusted shrimp and it looks delicious, as do the other meals. Do your friends often find their way to your house just at dinner time?

  4. Those sound wonderful!!!
    I love your relaxing!!

  5. Everything looks so yummy! And I'm honored that you made my cobbler recipe! It's so with the ice cream! I still have a few more blackberries that I need to eat (or bake something else!) Enjoy your week! ♥

  6. I can hardly wait for my invitation to dinner!! (O:(O:



  7. LOVE your stained glass and I ADORE your porch swing!!!! I am on a mission to find one!!

  8. Dottie~ you have been busy! You deserve a weekend on that swing. :-)

  9. I am so glad you liked the shrimp. It is very easy. Everything looks so yummy !!!! Clarice