Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OH MY What A Weekend!

I had a toothache all weekend and my air conditioner went out on the night before my son had his garage sale at my home. Toothaches and heat do not go very well together !!!

Now that the garage sale is over, the cool air is back on and the toothache is gone
I was able to take my telescope out and look at Venus in the dark starry night.
It was so pretty.


The garden looks a little better even though it has not completely stopped wilting !!!
I was able to  harvest these vegetables !!!

I have never grown cantaloupe before.

My daughter called and told me there was a new snow cone shop that opened at the car wash in my neighborhood , Oh my ,this is going to be very hard to resist !!! .

They are soooo good !

I love figs . My grandmother made fig preserves and even home made fig ice cream.
I like to eat them just picked from the tree.  Have you ever eaten them with Mascarpone cheese? They go wonderful together.

This is is my neighbor Luz's tree peeking over my fence . She shares them with me!

 My chickens can finally find their way back into their coop at night without my help .
I guess my job as chicken herder is over!

Rose and Rouge

Oh my !!! Petra can potty all by herself !!!

I re -watched this movie and it was so wonderful !

There is still a lot of summer left . I am going to treat every day of it as a lovely gift and live every moment in a simple and joyful way! The good days and the not so good days !!!



  1. Oh bless your heart....toothaches are just awful....glad it went away!
    Figs...oh my...right off the tree! Delicious! We had huge trees when I was a little girl and I loved eating them so much...made my mouth raw from eating so many (think maybe I didn't wash them/ha)

  2. Glad things are better!! Good movie..

  3. I always feel inspired when I visit you...like I need to lighten up and enjoy life instead of taking things so seriously! That is one of my MOST favorite movies! I may watch it tonight! And I love figs! I picked blackberries yesterday so that is my treat today! ♥

  4. Did the toothache go away by itself, or did you have to see the dentist? Glad you are better regardless of the cause.
    I really like your chickens. That picture is so cute.
    The kids know how to stay cool; they seem to be enjoying themselves. When I was a kid I could not think of a better thing to do in the summer but to jump in the pool - well, it still sounds good.
    I do not have a telescope, but when I can I do get over to the planetarium for programs, and they also have a couple of telescopes that are available after the program. Only problem... a lot of other people go there too.

  5. What a lovely post.....looks like every thing is hunky dorey in your world.

    I like that!!!!!


  6. You sure did have a variety in your weekend.I'm glad the toothache is over..
    I too love figs. Preserves, newtons, anything.
    I hope Petra gets out of the pool to potty.
    Now I'm thinking of the song Venus in bluejeans....

  7. Hi Dottie, so sorry you had to endure a tooth-ache--they are terrible. Your bounty from the garden looks great. I just finished making wild plum jelly. I have a fig tree but have not tried making preserves--I will have to give it a try if I have enough figs on it. Last year we got a very late freeze that really hurt it and I think I may have pruned alittle much!

  8. So glad your tooth stopped hurting! Sounds like a wonderful weekend in spite of the heat and the toothache! Yea for Petra! And, for the chickens for graduating to finding their way to their roost! They have really grown. Yes, we enjoy it all... wonderful summer.

  9. Hi Dottie, I also loved that movie. Sorry about your aching toofie. Makes you miserable all over. There is an award for you at my bloggy. Love you, Mollye