Thursday, November 1, 2012

This Lovely Week

It has been a simple week
one taking me by surprise
filling me with peace and beauty.
the Blue Angels flew over my house
 I wish they would do it again

  southern greens and bottle trees
marshmallow pink and white mums
 I love this book
 my little loves on Halloween night
a full moon makes my thoughts magical 
I am so thankful for this lovely week.


  1. Dottie- It really WAS a lovely week in pictures! Beautiful- xo Diana

  2. Oh, Dottie!! They are growing up so fast and are so very precious!! I know you missed having them Trick or Treating at your door... I did. The Blue Angels are amazing. They excite me every time I see them. blessings ~ tanna

  3. Wonderful photos! I have my own bottle tree! (I have yet to put bottles on it though). My book group read "On Folly Beach" by Karen White this summer. We all loved it. Bottle trees play a significant role in the story, so we were all inspired to purchase the tree structures ourselves, and are now in the process of collecting the bottles to put on them. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. My goodness, you HAVE had a lovely week. Imagine having your camera ready for the fly pass and getting such good shots. Love all your photos.

  5. I am so amazed by the dedication and training that the Blue Angels go through to fly so expertly. I lived in San Diego for several years and each year we would look forwrd to their airshow. I lived so close to the airbase that my home would shake when they flew over. It was always so thrilling.
    What cute little kidlets you have photographed.
    Carolynn xo

  6. Wow that IS a wonderful week and I smiled through your entire post about it...the kids are adorable!

  7. Love your little group in their costumes. What a wonderful week.

  8. Your week sounds lovely, indeed. Love the photo of the Blue Angels! And your little ones are absolutely adorable in their costumes.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  9. My sister and my niece were at the Pensacola Naval Station for the airshow. How lucky that you can see it from you home. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. If the Blue Angels fly over your house, you must live close to me! I grew up watching them in my backyard! I'm in Fairhope now and write an awful lot about Pensacola and the Gulf Coast.

    Found your blog through the link party and I'll be sure to join your site. You have a great blog!

    So very glad I found you!

  11. Hi Dottie - I found you through your link on Claudia's blog. How cool is it that the Blue Angels were right over your house? Your mums are so pretty and your kids absolutely adorable!

  12. Wow! Bet that was a pretty sight to see when they flew over! Great photos.
    Thanks for stopping by. I like Fall , but not what follows - I am not a cold weather person.

  13. Oh, what a beautiful post! That is so awesome that the Blue Angels flew over - and how ADORABLE are those little ones all ready for Halloween! I too love children's books and Halloween books. I've not seen that one. My girls are in their 20's now so I know a lot of the 'older' ones :) Have a beautiful week, and thanks for stopping by and visiting!


  14. How nice of the Blue Angels to fly over, and your Halloween looks enjoyable.

  15. That was indeed a magical and beautiful week, Dottie! Such wonderful photos. (And don't you love the sound those Blue Angels make? I've been to the air show a few times and it never fails to thrill me.) Have a great weekend!

  16. wonderful week! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Wishing you a happy weekend. xo