Friday, September 28, 2012

Favorite Things All Week

has been the best week.
have been thinking about
made it special......
wonder if it was because I
just lived each day
found simple pleasure
the peace of life.

This week
I baked Artisan Bread
watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
wished I could stay there for a little while
made pesto from some of the zillion plants still in my garden
thought about what to do with all the lemons from my tree
decided to turn yellow at the same time
took pictures of the moon
gave my dog Alfie a bath
 next time we are going to Pet's Mart
enjoyed a hazy and windy day at the beach
a sweet friend
spent time in the garden

a week spent doing some of my favorite things

This week was simply wonderful
I hope yours was, too.


  1. Ah, what a wonderful week! What more could you ask for? A week of favorite things and simple pleasures. Thanks so much, Dottie, for joining in this week!


  2. What a great week of simple pleasures. You must have a fabulous garden.

  3. You really did get to do so many of your favorite things and have fun doing them! I'm going to have a week like week! heehee! I'm looking forward to it! Happy weekend!

  4. Your week sounds wonderful! I recently read the Exotic Marigold Hotel and was totally immersed in the descriptions of the locale and characters. I would like to see the movie too, as I love Dame Judi. My pesto day is tomorrow. Hoping the basil does not freeze tonight. You know you can freeze lemon juice, too! Oh, your week as you describe it sounds so relaxing and rewarding, but I can see it was actually quite active. Linda

  5. What a lovely week indeed. Glad you shared. Bathing dogs is a BIG job.

  6. What a wonderful week you had. It sounds like the perfect programme for this week. Instead of watching "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" I take an episode of "The Waltons". I won't give my cat "The White" a bath though, but making something of lemons for a start sounds good. Happy Sunday and thanks for commenting my blog. :-) Regula

  7. I like how you summed up your week. It was like reading a poem. I like how you made a mosaic of it - I want to try that sometime! Hope you have another wonderful week ahead! I am following you now!

  8. Your week looks wonderful!! Fresh bread - a platter of seafood (my personal favorite) and all those hummingbirds!! WOW!!

  9. What a great collage!!!
    I wish I could capture a hummingbird shot like that. Good Job! I have 2 feeders and for weeks I had to fill them up twice a day. Many have moved on and now I only fill them every few days.

    I wish I could help you out with your lemon crop. I buy a bag a week,,,,I do love lemons.

  10. I would probably make pomanders of some of the lemons - stud them with cloves - and I gave my golden retriever a bath last week, shes 109 lbs. When you try to lift the front part into the bath, her legs grow roots into the floor!

  11. Hi sweet Dottie.....I haven't been able to stop in lately....because we are in the RV......but had good wi-fi so wanted to say hi. Good for you with your wonderful week....i can think of no one who deserves it more.



    P.S. BTW......spending my birthday week in the Hill Country in Texas.....Yipeeee!!!

  12. sounds like you had a little slice of heaven this week. :)

  13. That does sound like the most perfect week, Dottie! Taking delight in simple pleasures, being creative, enjoying friends, nature and your home. I hope the weekend is a pleasant one for you!

  14. Dottie, simple things can be the best, I agree. I like the dramatic hummingbird photo.