Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's July

It's July!!!!

The sunrise has been glorious.

The days are bright and hot

The blue hour last night was perfect.

The sunsets are so beautiful .

The full moon was golden
the night sky is filled with summer stars.

It's July!

I wanted everything at the farmer's market!!!

Strawberries, plums, berries and peaches
with a bottle of French lavender oil
came home with me!

It's July!

This year the stink bugs won the battle for the tomatoes
the mockingbirds
flew away to eat red berries
left the last of the figs for me!

It's July!

The water is warm
to float in the pool and run in the waves.

It's July!

Just the right time
to enjoy
on these hot days and starry nights
Cuban style red snapper, fresh peach ice cream and hotdogs!!

It has been a month
red, white and blue, wave the flag and fireworks!

Oh My!!
It is only the first week of July.


  1. You get so much pleasure out of life ~ it's wonderful. That fish looks delicious!

  2. It's getting hot here in Florida...but you know me! I love summer time! Enjoy your week, my friend! Stay cool!

  3. I can almost see you jumping for joy. That scarecrow is funny. I used to dress mine up too. The outfits would literally shred in the hot summer sun and rain. I loved looking at it.

  4. What beautiful July photos! And there's that full moon again! No wonder I'm exhausted after working this weekend! (many babies born.) Have a good week! And enjoy!

  5. Beautiful shots I wish I had some peach ice cream...yum!

  6. What beautiful photos! I especially love that last one of the full moon over the chapel. Happy July!

  7. What delightful words and photos! I enjoyed your post~
    Hugs, GraceinAZ (Pat)

  8. Dottie your pics are really nice and your dinner is looking good too! It sounds like you are really enjoying your summer and having a lot of fun.

  9. Ah yes, the dog days of Texas summer! I remember them well, after spending 21 years there, I moved back home to Louisiana and traded triple digit temps and tornado sirens in for muggy humidity and hurricanes...Loved visiting your site; came by way of Katherine's Corner and am now your newest follower! Happy Thursday!

  10. Dearest Dottie, thank you so much for your sweet words yesterday. I know you know about sorrow... and yet, you make life beautiful. Thank you, my friend. blessings ~ tanna

  11. this is a beautiful post my friend.XO P.S. see you at the Thursday Favorite Things hop

  12. Your posts and photos take me away..