Saturday, January 21, 2012

Beautiful Greens

Our winter weather 
been just perfect to grow greens.

My garden is
with rows and rows
beautiful collards, lettuce, brussel sprouts, chard, kale and kohlrabi !!

Oh! Be still my southern girl heart!!!

It has been a very simple week at my house.
The very best kind I think
I did watch the movie
Midnight In Paris
and fell in
love with the music !!!
collard greens
I think I have cooked every recipe in this book

I pray you have had the very best week too!



  1. Oh, I hope this comment goes through... I haven't been able to get them to go through lately! Your garden is looking so beautiful and so fruitful!! enjoy! blessings ~ tanna

  2. Oh, I would love some collards, none at our store. And to get them fresh from the garden in Jan. what a treat. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  3. Dottie your garden looks lovely. Do you always have it in the winter or is it this very warm winter that allows it?

    As far as heating the pan, I find that the potatoes cool quickly and get pastey as you work with them, So if you start with putting the hot potatoe in a hot pot with just the bottom covered with the very hot water, it just makes it mash much better, I always leave a little of the water potatoes are cooked in when I make regular mash potatoes anyway, so I don't mind having a little water in with the potatoes. I hope this makes sense. I used to mash potatoes for the potato boats in a regular bowl but it didn't work as well

  4. You have all of these beautiful greens????Oh my!
    you lucky lady!

  5. I would love to have some Swiss chard...oh my! We cook it very briefly, put some butter and a sprinkle of vinegar on top...oh my! So good! Enjoy your week, sweet lady! ♥

  6. Wonderful....yummy looking greens. You have a green thumb for sure.
    Joyce M

  7. Gorgeous! I love those greens!

    Whiteout, for outdoor wednesday.

  8. You are so lucky have all that green goodness in your backyard!!!!!! Oh my, makes me want to make a trip to Lowe's for boards and such that I PROMISED myself I was going to get for raised beds. Hmmmm. Well, at the very least I suppose I should wait until morning:) Have a lovely evening and thanks so much for visiting!! ~~Blessings~~Shine

  9. Oh how wonderful. We can't wait to plant in the spring. To much snow right now to do any planting. Hugs!!