Sunday, July 10, 2011

Glorious July

I have always loved summer
and especially the month of July.

I know it is hot, really hot in July along the Texas Gulf Coast where I live
maybe that is part of the reason I love it so ......

I slowly follow the moon and its phases
I don't hurry the days or nights.

It is glorious July and the living is easy.......
It really is at my house!

I have a hundred and one projects
things to do.

If I finish  them
if I don't ever start them ..that's OK
the float in the pool keeps calling to me,
" Come out and play. The water is warm and the sky is blue today."

My kitchen is hot
I think it is OK to eat watermelon, mangoes and cold boiled shrimp
all day today and tomorrow too.

I have been watching the DVD, The Impressionists, at all hours of the night
  secretly falling in love with the young Monet over and over again!

I have listened to my favorite Eric Clapton CD, 24 Nights,
 all day every day of this month.

 In the stillness of the morning
sit in my garden swing, where only birdsong marks the hour
the sun wakes up.

Then I jump back in bed and sleep 'til noon.

Oh! Love.....

There is only one July every year
"You gotta make your own kind of music"
"Mama" Cass Elliot
especially when it is so hot!


I am linking to Southern Daydreamer Outdoor Wednesday.
I am joining Sandi for Friday's Favorites.


  1. Love the quote! I think you are making your own kinda music in a fine way!

  2. Love the quote and I watched the video. When I taught our kids about impressionists they called them the painters who make you squint. I see why you are mesmerized by the video. I too am trying to go slower and celebrate summer (and the heat) this July.

  3. Love the quote and your float looks so inviting. The water in our pool has warmed up to the point of not being refreshing....that's when I stay indoors. I love cool, almost cold water but hard to have it when the temps get to 100 and above.

  4. Sweet enjoy every moment of your July.
    It all sounds so wonderful!!
    That chair and swing looks dreamy!
    Fresh fruit is perfect in that heat!!
    Always so sweet to visit with you Dottie xoxo

    Deborah xo

  5. Hi dear Dottie.....your post always just sweeps over me like a cool breeze.

    I, too, love the movie THE IMPRESSIONISTS.

    Try to stay cool,


  6. What a beautiful outdoor :)

  7. I too am with you in the hot Texas Gulf coast!
    I love where I yes, but you know, we love this place, heat and all.
    Much love dear friend!

  8. Cool breezes and cool thoughts/quotes.
    Joyce M

  9. How did you do that? You just made July sound

    Well, maybe having the pool is the ticket. I'll have to take that into consideration.

  10. Hi Dottie,
    So glad that you visited my blog and now I have found yours. Your my kind of gal. If it gets done or not, that's o.k. Gotta tell you, coveting your pool. Been trying to talk my hubby into one, but so far nada. Would love to sit and visit on that swing. I too love the month of July. Couldn't be because it's my birthday month. Hee-hee! I have such a passion for gardening so I thoroughly enjoyed all of the flowers on your sidebar. I am a new follower.

  11. Your little Oasis looks so amazingly wonderful! I am glad to hear you are enjoying that hot heat and not melting away! Thank goodness for swimming pools eh? ;D

    I wish I could sleep in without feeling guilty--I'm on vacation for a month and can't seem to relax about the idea of sleeping in. I think I'll have to look up that series you're talking about watching, it sounds great!

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pictures, it's fun to get a glimpse into a kindred spirit's world! :o)



  12. Dottie, I just discovered your blog sand I am in love! Jump back in bed til noon! What a GREAT post!!! Need to go get a refill of coffee and come back and spend more time reading your blog!
    Have a Pretty day!

  13. Beautiful photos! The pool looks inviting for a dip, and the mosaic is just fantastic.

  14. Beautiful!
    I'd love July... if it were only in May.
    Have a happy weekend! You are a friday's favorite for sure :-)

  15. I am from a small coastal town in South Texas....I miss it so much in the summer. the days went on they just fly by.
    Now I live in the desert, we get 4 inches of rain a year...I beg my flowers to grow...I miss it.